"Ardennian? You got a lot of nerve, pal. I'm an Imperial trooper!"
"Oh, really? A couple of your arms popped out of your butt and hiked up your pants, 'trooper'."
―Rio Durant and Han Solo[5]

Ardennians were a sentient species that were native to Ardennia. Due to their physical nature of being extremely agile and quick in combat, they were well-suited to military professions. They had four arms and prehensile toes. The Ardennian Rio Durant operated as a pilot and criminal with Beckett's gang, and Chio Fain worked as a slicer.

Biology and appearance[]

Rio Durant

"Are all Ardennians good cooks? Their multiple limbs do seem to make tasks easier!"
―Comment from an Unidentified artist's journal[4]

Native to Ardennia,[4] the diminutive[1] Ardennians had six[3] dexterous arms, two of which were used as legs. They had a strangely fluid gait and prehensile toes on their feet,[6] and were extremely agile and quick.[4] Their skin tones ranged from blue to tan[1] and gray,[2] and were covered in fur.[7]

Society and culture[]

"I don't know, you've never been to a mynock roast on Ardennia. It's nuts!"
―Rio Durant[5]

Their prehensile toes and multiple limbs meant that Ardennians were well-suited to military professions, as they could be extremely agile and quick in combat. These traits also made tasks such as preparing food easier, suggesting that many if not all Ardennians were good cooks.[4] Members of the species could be capable pilots, skilled tacticians, and lovers of good stories.[1] Ardennians enjoyed mynock roasts on Ardennia.[5]

Ardennians in the galaxy[]

The Ardennian Chio Fain

"Some folks with less than perfect pasts are suspicious of their own words, as if they might be traps. But Rio was the opposite, a six-armed Ardennian chatterbox who'd fill a room with words because he was afraid of silence."
Tivoche Bilure, on Rio Durant in Midnight's book[3]

Several Ardennians were passengers aboard the Legacy Run when it became involved in the hyperspace accident known as the Great Hyperspace Disaster during the High Republic Era.[7] Retar and other members of the Ardennian Guild of Technicians attended the Valo Republic Fair.[8]

Rio Durant, a fighter with Freedom's Sons in his youth, operated as a criminal in Tobias Beckett's gang.[6] He posed as an Imperial Army mudtrooper on Mimban during the Mimban Campaign, as part of a heist to commandeer a Y-45 armored transport hauler. Though Rio attempted to blend in as a humanoid, his strange gait and surprising number of arms were noticeable, and fellow mudtrooper Corporal Han Solo correctly identified him as an Ardennian after watching him use his lower arms to hike up his pants. Durant participated in a heist on Vandor, but was fatally shot by one of Enfys Nest's Cloud-Riders.[5]

During the era of the Galactic Empire, the Ardennian Chio Fain worked as a slicer alongside his partner Rone until Rone's death in a skirmish with TIE fighters,[9] after which Fain joined Beilert Valance's team in an effort to hunt down and kill Darth Vader.[2]

In the New Republic era, an Ardennian was present as a prisoner on the New Republic Correctional Transport[10] Bothan-5[11] when Ranzar Malk's crew launched a rescue of the Twi'lek prisoner Qin.[10]

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