Ardin Deltura was a male individual who served as an ensign in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and later the New Republic. He was in a romantic relationship with Officer Niriian and was well trusted by Commander Agate.


Endorsing Lando CalrissianEdit

Ardin Deltura[3] served as an ensign in the Alliance to Restore the Republic around 4 ABY. Following the rescue of Han Solo, Admiral Gial Ackbar sent a message to Commander-in-Chief Mon Mothma recommending Lando Calrissian for a place in Alliance Starfighter Command after endorsements from Deltura and Nien Nunb washed away any clinging doubts the Mon Calamari had about Calrissian.[2]

Rebellion on AkivaEdit

Deltura later served served in the New Republic Defense Fleet in the months following the Battle of Endor. While Ackbar was undergoing a simulated combat exercise in his personal quarters aboard the Home One, Deltura entered the room to inform Ackbar that they had been unable to track down Captain Wedge Antilles since his last scouting mission to the planet Raydonia. When Ackbar asked why Commander Kyrsta Agate was not delivering the message, Deltura reported that his commander was preoccupied with repairs.[1]

Deltura confirmed that Antilles had found no sign of Imperial activity there. Deltura advised Ackbar to search for Antilles on the five nearest planets to Raydonia: Mustafar, Geonosis, Dermos, Akiva, and Tatooine. Deltura then informed Ackbar that they had received new intelligence from the mysterious Imperial informant known as the Operator. When Ackbar asked how an Ensign could have access to such classified information, Deltura responded that Agate had given him special clearance.[1]

Deltura then relayed the Operator's message to Ackbar. When Ackbar asked Deltura how certain he was of the message, the Ensign responded that they had no other spies in the region. Ackbar then ordered Deltura to dispatch scouts to each of the five planets including two to Akiva. Later, Deltura was posted aboard the Carrack-class light cruiser Oculus where his romantic interest Niriian served as science officer. After Deltura ordered Nirriian to dispatch the Viper probe droid BALK1 into the Kinro debris field, he invited her for dinner and rest.[1]

Later, Deltura and Niriian monitored a New Republic probe droid above Akiva which recorded footage of a transport ship carrying New Republic Special Forces being destroyed by Imperial turbolasers. Analyzing the footage, Deltura and Niriian believed that Sergeant Jom Barell survived since he had managed to activate his parawings. Deltura and Niriian reported this information to Ackbar, who ordered them to continue monitoring the situation on Akiva.[1]

Deltura along with Agate, General Crix Madine, and Chancellor Mon Mothma later received Antilles' transmission warning of a high-level Imperial meeting on Akiva. He was present when Ackbar ordered that a small New Republic fleet be sent to Akiva.[1]

Battle of JakkuEdit

After Temmin Wexley and Sinjir Rath Velus returned from Jakku with news that Imperial remnant fleets were massing above the Inner Rim planet, Mothma and Ackbar gave Deltura command of the Oculus and dispatched him on a scouting mission to survey the Imperial fleet. Deltura's information led Mothma to urge the Galactic Senate to send New Republic forces to Jakku. He continued sending intelligence on Imperial fleet movements to Ackbar. Following a re-vote on Nakadia, New Republic forces converged on Jakku, setting the stage for the climatic Battle of Jakku.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Deltura was a young male cadet who held the rank of Ensign following the Battle of Endor. He was trusted by Agate well enough to be privy to classified information such as the Imperial informant Operator's efforts to provide intelligence on Imperial fleet movements to the New Republic. Deltura also had a romantic relationship with science officer Niriian and once invited her for dinner and rest. He was also trained to handle probe droids and to analyze their footage.[1] Deltura won praise for his role in detecting the Imperial presence on Akiva and was later dispatched on a mission to scout the Imperial fleets above Jakku.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ardin Deltura first appeared as a supporting character in Chuck Wendig's 2015 novel Aftermath.



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