Ardon was a Human male who lived in the Kerritamba Village in the Kkowir Forest on the Wookiee world of Kashyyyk during the Galactic Civil War in 1.5 ABY. He was an elder of the village and adviser to its chief, Kerritamba.


In 1.5 ABY, Kerritamba Village was at war with another group within the Kkowir Forest known as the Outcasts. Ardon tasked the village's new Arena Champion, a spacer, with two tasks to further combat the Outcast threat. Ardon instructed the spacer to enter the Outcast's lair and defeat 5 of their assassins. When the spacer returned, they were rewarded with 5,000 credits. The final task that Ardon set upon the spacer was to take out one of the Outcast's top officials, a Sanyassan known as Exemplar Zheus. The spacer located Zheus, who was skulking around the Spirit of Nyenthi'Oris, and slew him. The spacer returned to Ardon, who rewarded them with 5,000 credits and named them the Blood Hunter of Kerritamba Village.

Behind the scenes[]

Ardon is a non-playable character in Star Wars Galaxies. He was added to the game in 2005 with the expansion pack Star Wars Galaxies: Rage of the Wookiees.