This article is about Argai, a planet in the Cronese Mandate in the Outer Rim Territories.
You may be looking for Argai Minor, a Haldeen sector planet in the Colonies.

"Despite being the birthplace of a Daritha, Argai has had no golden age. It is largely unchanged from Xer's days, a hard and cold place inhabited by a hard and cold people."
Bleys Harand, Travels Amid Strange Stars[src]

Argai was a planet located in the Cronese Mandate of the Outer Rim. It was best known for having been the homeworld of the ancient pre-Republic conqueror Xim the Despot, and the first capital of his empire.


Argai was a chilly rocky world with little to see except scattered ruins and the blaze of the Indrexu Spiral in its night skies. The planet had once been the site of Xim the Despot's grandest palace, but it became little more than scattered stones over the eons.[2]

Sah Gosta was a settlement on the planet. The Argaians were renowned and cursed since the first days of the Tion Cluster history as hard-bitten traders and daring pilots with a habit of turning to piracy. It was generally believed that they and their planet had changed little since the days of Xim.[2][4]


The planet was the homeworld of the infamous conquerors, Xim and his father Xer VIII.[2]

Argai was one of the original worlds of the Kingdom of Cron. Xer conquered nearby worlds in the Cronese Mandate, founding the Kingdom of Argai circa 25,150 BBY. He later defeated the King of Cron Ferece, becoming the new King of Cron.[2]

Xim came to power on Argai in 25,130 BBY where he built one of his palaces.[5] He made Argai the capital of his empire and the site of the first of his throne worlds. He extended his domain from the Radama Void to the borders of Hutt Space, taking the ancient Rakatan title Daritha. After Xim's death, his Empire broke into feuding states. Argai was integrated in the Jaminere Marches.[2]

The planet and the Tion Cluster eventually joined the Republic. In the Republic's final years, the Tion Cluster worlds joined the Separatists and were later members of the Galactic Empire.[2]



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