Argaloh Adasca was the sixth Lord of the House of Adasca. His reign resulted in much wealth and advancement. He was the father of Alok, the seventh Lord Adasca, and grandfather of Arkoh, the eighth Lord Adasca.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Three years after the Great Sith War, Argaloh sent a group of scientists, led by Gorman Vandrayk, on a mission to find out if they could control the huge exogorths. It was indeed a success, but Vandrayk realized that Argaloh was planning to use them for galactic dominance and escaped Adascorp for good. The dastardly ruler went on a search party for Vandrayk and would not rest until his dream was complete.

Argaloh eventually passed away and years later, Arkoh finished the search for Vandrayk to start the exogorth massacre.

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