Argul was a planet located in the Mid Rim along the Corellian Trade Spine, near to Cerea and Belsavis.

History[edit | edit source]

During the waning years of the Galactic Republic, Argul was a thriving commerce center, despite having few resources, as it was able to make money from taxation and shipping fees. Merchant consortiums from the Juvex sector and Senex sector had settled on it, although the Argullian's still considered themselves to be independent. At some point, it joined the Republic and it had a Senator in the Galactic Senate.

With the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Argul sided with the Republic. However, its wealth was to be its undoing and the Confederacy of Independent Systems blockaded it and demanded that it switch sides and join the Confederacy. The Argullians surrendered and the Republic sent troops to retake it. During the resulting Battle of Argul, fighting was centered around the planet's major cities and they were devastated. The battle did not appear to be near to ending, so Supreme Chancellor Palpatine ordered an evacuation of the cities where fighting was taking place. Jedi Master Yoda led a team of Jedi to Argul to oversee the evacuation, but there were few transports and the Argullians fought among themselves for places aboard them. Yoda left the planet to try and get Republic reinforcements. During his absence, the CIS came close to victory. However, he commandeered a task force of four Acclamator-class assault ships and they turned the battle in the favor of the Republic. They were eventually victorious and the refugees who had fled the planet were able to return.

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