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|type=Galactic Republic
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|name=Aric Jorgan
|name=Aric Jorgan
|homeworld=[[Rendili]]<ref name="Encyclopedia">''[[Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia]]''</ref>
|homeworld=[[Rendili]]<ref name="Encyclopedia">''[[Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia]]''</ref>

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"I'll make this completely clear, rookie—when you're in the field, what I say goes. Period."
―Aric Jorgan, to Havoc Squad's sergeant[src]

Aric Jorgan was a Cathar male Republic soldier active during the Cold War. After Meteor disappeared in 3637 BBY he became the new commander of the Havoc Squad.


A serious and sober soldier, Jorgan possessed a stoic calm in the face of danger and approached every mission with a stark determination. While many perceived him as highly opinionated and blunt, he was nonetheless completely loyal to Havoc Squad and the Republic. While respectful of authority, he did not like commanders who goofed off, flirted on the job or committed selfish acts he considered to not be in the best interests of the Republic's citizens.

Joining Havoc Squad

Jorgan served as the commander of an elite Republic sniper squad, the Deadeyes, until he was offered a promotion to Lieutenant and relocation to Ord Mantell. Though he had no interest in fighting Separatists, Jorgan accepted to further his military career. He was blamed for the defection of all but one of Havoc Squadron's members, and was demoted to the rank of Sergeant. Following this, he was offered a position in the reformed Havoc Squad and was a key role in many important missions. Though General Vander later offered to reinstate his post on Ord Mantell with a full promotion, Jorgan declined, realizing he's making a bigger difference in Havoc Squad.


Jorgan in combat.

Search for the Deadeyes

During his tenure with Havoc, Jorgan was informed by Republic Command that the Deadeyes had been captured on Nar Shaddaa. What concerned Jorgan was that Nar Shaddaa belonged to the Hutts, who were neutral and suspected of foul play. He and his CO contacted SIS Agent Jonas Balkar, who had previously assisted Havoc beforehand on the Hutt moon, for information on their whereabouts. Storming an Imperial-controlled sector, Jorgan discovered that the Deadeyes had been shipped off for menial labor. He attempted to bring the data to Balkar for decryption, but walked in at a bad time, as Balkar was being hassled by Senior Agent Zane. Guessing by Havoc Squad's appearance that they were responsible, Zane warned them against future interference, desiring to get the Deadeyes back by peaceful means. As soon as Zane left, Balkar said that he couldn't help them with Zane watching him, so he directed Jorgan to a contact who could decrypt the coordinates.

Jorgan later awaited a response from his contact, Gav, only to receive an abrupt holocall from Zane, who once again warned him to stay out of his operation. Jorgan became suspicious over why Zane was so interested in the Deadeyes. He was left with three choices: ask Balkar or General Garza for aid or decrypt the coordinates himself. Either way, he located Torve and two other squad members on Tatooine. After introducing his CO to Torve, he demanded to know how exactly he got captured. This confused Torve, who asked if Jorgan hadn't been briefed by Zane. Upon realizing he knew nothing of their mission, Torve refused to say anything, but relented when reminded that he required rescuing. Torve explained that the Deadeyes were implanted with trackers and intentionally allowed themselves to be captured to scout the Imperial penal system. The plan was for the Imperials to take them to their territory so the SIS could rescue them and their comrades. However, they never anticipated that they would be split up and had been awaiting SIS extraction. Jorgan then called for a proper extraction.

After extracting Torve, Jorgan got a holocall from Zane, who advised Havoc from further interference in his mission, but wouldn't disclose what it was. A frustrated Jorgan asked his CO for permission to cut Zane off, which was granted.

The last of the Deadeyes were revealed to be on Hoth. Even more surprising was that Zane was imprisoned with them. Zane admitted that he had been allowing Republic soldiers to be captured in the vain of hope that one of them would be taken to the rumored Imperial prison and black-ops research station, Dusk 9, which Jorgan dismissed as a myth. However, the Imperials didn't consider their captives of interest, so Zane bugged himself and allowed himself to be captured, figuring that the brass at Dusk 9 couldn't resist an SIS agent. When Jorgan found out that two of his former comrades had died from the cold, he grew angry. Drawing a blaster on Zane, he accused him of making false promises to his former squad. He demanded to know how many other soldiers had died for his fool's errand. Zane smugly pointed out that Jorgan couldn't kill him with witnesses around. However, the Deadeyes stated that they would just say that the Imperials killed him. Growing terrified, Zane turned to the Havoc CO, who ordered Jorgan to stand down, promising that Zane would answer for what he had done, the right way. Jorgan then relented. Zane subsequently told Jorgan that he would see him imprisoned for attempting to murder him. The CO retorted that he would also have every soldier in the Republic gunning for him or could use Havoc Squad's prestige to counter his claim, so Zane agreed to silence. Jorgan then called for a shuttle for his remaining men.

Becoming Havoc Squad Commander

Shortly after Havoc Squad's involvement in fighting the Revanites on Yavin 4, the unit's commander vanished without a trace, and before Jorgan and the others could find the major, the Eternal Empire attacked the galaxy. Jorgan and M1-4X were stuck in trench warfare for months, and the unit fell apart after the Eternal Empire's victory—Vik returned to a life of crime, Yuun searched the Unknown Regions for the major, M1-4X was assigned to the Republic Press Corps, and Chancellor Saresh had Dorne removed from Havoc. As the sole remaining member, Jorgan was promoted to Major and given command of a new Havoc Squad, but he and his new unit went rogue and began their own war against the Eternal Empire, defying the treaty between Zakuul and the Republic. Their mission gained precedence as ex-SIS agent, Theron Shan, passed along a map of the Spire. Subsequently, Havoc Squad met Shan and the Alliance Commander in the Endless Swamp. Shortly afterwards, their rendezvous was attacked by skytroopers. After defeating the vanguard, Jorgan teamed up with the Outlander in covering Havoc's retreat.

While taking up a sniper's position, Jorgan asked the Commander for an opinion on Emperor Arcann before explaining how the Republic was descending into tyranny and decadence under ex-Chancellor Leontyne Saresh. Subsequently, they rescue a group of Zakuulan exiles from skytroopers and meet their leader, Pashna Veyaad. Unwilling to leave civilians behind, Jorgan radioed ahead and ordered Havoc to prepare camp for the refugees.

The next day, Jorgan discussed with the Alliance his plan to attack a Zakuul Knights outpost to plant a wiretap at its planetary transmitter. With access to Eternal Empire communications, Havoc Squad would be able to perform surgical hit-and-run attacks on targets across the Spire. While the Alliance forces kept the Zakuulans occupied, Havoc, accompanied by the Outlander, infiltrated the outpost and successfully planted the wiretap. However, when they were surrounded by skytrooper reinforcements, the exiles, led by Veyaad, miraculously came to their aid. This impressed Jorgan enough that he requested the Commander's aid in training the exiles into a resistance force.

The success of Havoc's mission revealed the existence of the GEMINI frequency, the means of which Arcann controlled the Eternal Fleet. Once the Alliance identified a hyperwave relay station ten kilometers below the Spire as the source of the GEMINI transmission, Jorgan advocated destroying the relay station to permanently sever Arcann's control of the Fleet. However, Kaliyo Djannis advocated taking control of the GEMINI frequency to control the Fleet. Ultimately, the Outlander chose one party to infiltrate the relay station while the other provides a distraction. Subsequently, the Commander went missing while the mission was underway, and by the time they returned to Odessen base, the Zakuul mission went south and the Spire went into lockdown. Jorgan and Kaliyo managed to escape with their lives and a database on the GEMINI droids, but Havoc Squad lost four men in the process, which the Major blamed on Kaliyo.

Behind the scenes

Aric Jorgan a companion character for the Trooper class of Star Wars: The Old Republic. He is voiced by Timothy Omundson.

Jorgan becomes a companion for all class characters following the completion of Chapter XI: Disavowed in the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.


Jorgan can be romanced by a female trooper, and eventually married. This romance can be continued in Chapter XI: Disavowed, or players can choose to break up with him.

Gameplay Alternatives

In the base game, players are promoted to Captain in the Republic military. At this point, players can recommend either Aric Jorgan or Elara Dorne to be their executive officer. If Aric is chosen, he will be promoted to his previous rank of Lieutenant, and down the line, he will become a Captain.

In Chapter XI: Disavowed, when Jorgan volunteers to train the Zakuulan exiles, players can accept the offer and allow Havoc Squad to proceed. Otherwise, players can reject the offer, instead sending Havoc Squad to attack targets rather than wasting their skills on training exercises. Troopers that romanced Jorgan will also be given an opportunity to continue that relationship.

In Chapter XII: Visions in the Dark, the player can choose between sending Kaliyo or Aric Jorgan to target the GEMINI frequency while the other performs a diversion. If Kaliyo is chosen, the player will encounter another choice, deciding to allow or forbid Jorgan from reinforcing Kaliyo. Regardless of the decision, Jorgan goes anyway.

In Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder, if the player had sent Kaliyo to slice the GEMINI frequency, and forbade Jorgan from reinforcing her, then his fate can be altered. Players can forgive Jorgan and keep him around as a companion, or they can exile or kill him, as punishment for disobeying a direct order.

In Chapter XIV, Mandalore's Revenge, if the player had killed or exiled Jorgan in the previous chapter, his punishment will be briefly referenced.

In Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen, if Jorgan remains alive and part of the Alliance, he will choose to stay on Odessen and defend the Alliance base in case of a ground invasion. Troopers that romanced Jorgan will also have a brief scene to talk with him before leaving on the Gravestone.

In Chapter IV: Where Dreams Die, if Jorgan remains alive and part of the Alliance, he will appear on the Gravestone and on Iokath. Players will also have a chance to talk with him midway through the chapter and get his opinion on the situation.

In Chapter V: Ascension, if Jorgan remains alive and part of the Alliance, he will appear on the Gravestone and on Iokath. Players can also choose to take him with them when confronting ARIES near the end of the chapter.

In Chapter VIII: End Times, if Jorgan remains alive and part of the Alliance, he will protect the player from a hostile Knight of Zakuul at the Alliance Base's entrance.

In Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne, if Jorgan remains alive and part of the Alliance, he will appear on Gravestone and in the Alliance base. Troopers that romanced Jorgan will have a brief scene with him before departing for Zakuul.



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