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Arkadia's museum was a museum that was located in the city Calimondretta on the planet Syned. It was established by the Sith Lord Arkadia Calimondra during the time of the New Sith Wars and in 1032 BBY, Calimondra met with the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt inside the museum. The museum was later damaged when the mercenary unit Rusher's Brigade staged an attack on Calimondretta.[1]


The museum was located in a large room and its exhibits were situated inside small, elevated alcoves that were built into in the room's walls. Among the artifacts on display were a translation device that had been used by Supreme Chancellor Fillorean of the Galactic Republic during negotiations with the Duinuogwuin species; a holorecorder that had been used to interview the philosopher Laconio; a diamond bit that had been used during time of the Great Hyperspace War by a slave working in a crystal mine; and a fusioncutter that had been used by a Sith trooper to board the Endar Spire,[1] a Republic Navy Hammerhead-class cruiser that served during the Jedi Civil War and was destroyed in orbit above Taris.[2]


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