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Arkanians were a near-human sentient species native to the planet Arkania, characterized by the skin tone ranging from tan to pale, typically white hair and pale white eyes.[2] Urma Athantras,[2] Reeshee Irway,[1] and Jedi Initiate Cippa Tarko were members of the species.[3]

Biology and appearance[]

Arkanians were native to the planet Arkania.[2] Arkanians had infrared vision as a result of evolving on a frigid world.[3] Arkanian scientists had been experts in genetic engineering for thousands of years. After countless centuries of medical experimentation, the species had developed genetic offshoots, whom they regard as lesser shadows of themselves or even slaves. Most Arkanians resembled humans in many respects, save for pale white eyes and clawed digits on each hand. They were capable of seeing into the infrared spectrum, which led to extreme visual sensitivity. This was helpful on their dark and cold homeworld, but in certain environments, many were forced to wear polarized lenses or blinders.[2]

Society and culture[]

"What do you miss most about Arkania? I've never been."
"I don't understand the question."
―The human Joss Adren and the Arkanian Visma Tarko[4]

Arkanian society was based around a rigid caste system, that expected pure blood and sharp, logical mind and looked down upon any signs of weakness or flaws.[2]

The most defining trait of the Arkanian species was their arrogance which stemmed from their belief in their genetic purity. This led to them often appearing arrogant and prideful to others as they saw themselves as being superior to all other species. Due to this natural arrogance, outsiders often faced Arkanians that expected subservience and respect.[2]

Scholarly pursuits were highly valued within Arkanian society which meant that many of the species were highly skilled scientists as well as academics. They were not above using their bioengineering advancements to gain profit by selling of biological weapons to the highest bidder. Though a significant minority of Arkanians do hold a great moral objection to their advancements being used to commit such horrible crimes. These Arkanians hold to the belief that once physiological and technological perfection has been achieved, one must also achieve moral perfection to become a perfect being.[2]

Arkanian scientists were also famous for their skills in genetic manipulation with this avenue of research leading to the creation of the Arkanian Offshoots that were engineered to serve their pure-blooded masters. They were bred in great variety as living experiments, and were not regarded as "true Arkanians." They typically lived a brief life, with no hope of being regarded anything else other than slave or pet.[2]


Over the years, as the Arkanians evolved on Arkania, they developed infrared vision.[3] The ancient Arkanian scientists created the Quermian species from the Xexto and settled them on the planet Quermia after which they were named. Eventually, the Arkanians moved on, allowing Quermians to develop their own society.[5]

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