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Arkanian was the language used by the Arkanians, especially on their homeworld Arkania.

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The language of the Arkanian people was developed on their homeworld, Arkania before they made contact with the civilized galaxy and the Galactic Republic. When contact with the greater galaxy was established, young Arkanians were taught Arkanian and Basic, so the majority of the population was bilingual.[1] Among the Arkanian Offshoots, a slightly different dialect gradually emerged, emphasizing words of submission and forgetting those of victory or the desire to challenge.

The word "perero/perera" meant "honored elder," and "edessa" meant "triumph."

Despite the language largely being restricted to Arkania, some non-Arkanians took up the language in order to communicate with their friends and companions. Among these were the Jedi Padawans of Arca Jeth: Exar Kun[2] and Cay and Ulic Qel-Droma,[3] along with Jedi Master Lucien Draay who did business with the Arkanians.[4] Several centuries later, the Dark Jedi Kueller knew the language,[2] as did the Vratix, Seeqov Thranx.[5]

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