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"Black Sun might be looking for us, but it's a big sector."
Cade Skywalker, while on Tatooine[2]

The Arkanis sector was a sector located in the Outer Rim Territories. Planets in this sector included Andooweel, C-Foroon, Sirpar, Arkanis, Najiba, Geonosis, Piroket and Tatooine.


The Arkanis sector and its surrounding sectors

The Arkanis sector has been a crossroads for traders and travelers. It is bordered by the Corellian Run which many used to travel from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim and Wild Space. It was also crossed by the Triellus Trade Route, which led into Hutt Space.[1] A subset of the sector were the Regency Worlds, a relatively prosperous region on the Corellian Run formed around the former Arkanis Regency. Unfortunately, this prosperity rarely extended to other parts of the sector, with only a mild boost in trade (and a significant one in crime) as Hutt interests moved in towards the end of the Republic.

During the Clone Wars, after rescuing and returning Rotta to Jabba on Tatooine, the Hutts allowed the Clone Army to pass through the Arkanis sector, as well as the neighboring Hutt Space, unlike the Droid Army.

During Imperial rule, it was governed by Moff Alexander Julstan IV.[8] At some point before the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, the Empire had retreated its fleet from the sector, ceding de facto control over the sector to the Rebel Alliance.[5]

Nieve Gromia was a later moff of the sector following the Sith–Imperial War.

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Behind the scenes[]

The "Arkonis sector" appears once in the Death Star novel as the location of the Devastator when Darth Vader receives a transmission alerting him to Divini's messages on the MedNet regarding midi-chlorians prior to traveling to the Toprawa system. It is unknown whether this is a misspelling of "Arkanis sector". It also bears noting that according to the novel, Arkonis sector is located in the Outer Rim while Arkanis sector (in contradiction to previous and later sources) is said to be located in Wild Space. On pages 251 and 263 of the hardcover edition of Death Star, the region in which Tatooine and the Arkanis sector are located is stated to be Wild Space. This also contradicts previous and later sources which establish the Outer Rim Territories as the region in which Tatooine and the Arkanis sector were located. The "Arkonis sector" does not appear in the later published The Essential Atlas, its associated maps, or the supplemental The Essential Atlas Online Companion.


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