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The Armand Isard Correction Facility was a civilian prison on Coruscant from the time of the first Galactic Empire through the reign of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.


The facility was an example of early Imperial era architecture, built of black synthstone. It was a tall, single building surrounded by an exercise yard, which was in turn surrounded by a fifteen-meter wall. In each corner stood a tower with nests for snipers, as well as powerful spotlights.


"Bureaucratic inertia has kept it from being renamed. Or repainted. Or torn down."
―Jaina Solo[2]

The prison was named after Armand Isard, the first Director of Imperial Intelligence. According to Jaina Solo, the prison was named by Ysanne Isard, who succeeded her father as head of Imperial Intelligence. This was not done out of regret, but rather out of a malevolent sense of humor.

When the New Republic captured Coruscant in 6.5 ABY, the facility kept its original name, despite its connection to the old regime. It would later survive a number of successive invasions, and the terraforming of the planet by the Yuuzhan Vong.

Valin Horn was taken to the Armand Isard Correction Facility in 43.5 ABY, after his encasement in carbonite by the Galactic Alliance.

An unsuccessful raid took place here by Seff Hellin, who suffered from the same ailment as Horn, in an attempt to free Horn. However, the raid resulted in Hellin's capture by Darkmeld.


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