Armored Stormtroopers, also known as Heavy Stormtroopers, were elite units of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. They are distinguished from other Imperial stormtroopers by their heavier armor, orange shoulderpads similar to that of an Imperial Marine, and a red monocle-like device on their right eye. They were also known to utilize heavy weapons.

During the Battle of the Monstrosa Islands Reytha campaign of the Galactic Civil War, a unit of fourteen Armored Stormtroopers was deployed to conquer the islands. Ten more Armored Stormtroopers eventually were assigned to escort three dark troopers to a small island northwest of the main fortress via a ford.

Behind the scenesEdit

Armored Stormtroopers were units that were deployable among the Galactic Empire faction in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds as well as its expansion. They were upgradable from regular Stormtrooper units. They were able to be created via troop centers used by the Empire.



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