The Arms & Equipment Guide is a sourcebook for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game published by Wizards of the Coast and LucasBooks in October 2002. The cover art was done by Ralph McQuarrie.

The book covers information on a plethora of weapons, protective gear, droids, vehicles, and general equipment.

Ranged Energy WeaponsEdit

Blaster PistolsEdit

Heavy Blaster PistolsEdit

Holdout BlastersEdit

Sporting Blaster PistolsEdit

Blaster Rifles and CarbinesEdit

Sporting Blaster RiflesEdit

Light Repeating BlastersEdit

Ion GunsEdit

Disruptor WeaponsEdit

Ranged Projectile WeaponsEdit

Slugthrower PistolsEdit

Slugthrower RiflesEdit

Dart PistolsEdit

Flechette LaunchersEdit

Crossbows and Magna CastersEdit

Wrist WeaponsEdit

Melee WeaponsEdit

Standard Melee WeaponsEdit

Vibro WeaponsEdit

Melee Stun WeaponsEdit

Grenade and Other ExplosivesEdit


Grenade LaunchersEdit

Other Weapons and Weapon SystemsEdit

Flame ProjectorsEdit

Sonic WeaponsEdit

Species-Specific Ranged WeaponsEdit

Weapon Attachments and AccessoriesEdit

Light Armor and Protective SuitsEdit

Medium ArmorEdit

Heavy ArmorEdit

Powered ArmorEdit

Other Protective GearEdit



Repair DroidsEdit

Protocol and Commercial DroidsEdit

Medical DroidsEdit

Military DroidsEdit

Security and Guard DroidsEdit

Surveillance and Probe DroidsEdit

Messenger DroidsEdit

Labor DroidsEdit

Other DroidsEdit


Airspeeders and Cloud CarsEdit

Gliders, Jetpacks, and Rocket PacksEdit

Speeder Bikes and SwoopsEdit

Civilian GroundspeedersEdit

Military GroundspeedersEdit



Other VehiclesEdit


Breathing DevicesEdit

Communication DevicesEdit

Detection DevicesEdit

Sensor Jammers and Detection CountermeasuresEdit

Medical EquipmentEdit

Security DevicesEdit

Survival GearEdit

Tools and Other SundriesEdit

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