"Our objective in this mission is to make an example of Galactic Electronics. For trading with the enemy, the corporation's assets are to be seized by the Empire."
―Flight Officer to Maarek Stele[src]

The Arms Race was a short conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Admiral Zaarin neared completion of a new tractor beam weapon, allowing starfighters to hold enemy fighters on course, increasing weapons accuracy. During this time, a Corporate Sector company began arming Rebel Alliance fighters with a new projectile weapon, rendering enemy weapon systems temporarily useless. This conflict resulted in the completion of yet another improvement of the TIE series starfighters, moreover provided the Empire with additional weapons to assault the Rebellion.

The campaign[edit | edit source]

Protecting the prototypes[edit | edit source]

As ordered from Lord Vader, Admiral Zaarin had prepared six TIE Defender prototypes for review by Emperor Palpatine. Zaarin had arranged for Cargo Ferries Sela group to deliver Cargo containers Xi, containing the prototypes to the Emperor. While TIE Avengers Alpha patrolled the area around Zaarin's XQ6 Platform Research, TIE Defenders Delta 5 and 6 boarded their respective containers. Immediately following, a number of B-wing starfighters from Blue group emerged from hyperspace attacking from various angles, closely escorted by RZ-1 A-wing interceptors Red. Imperial Avengers split up to counter the impending threat. As rival starfighters contended, Cargo Ferries Sela arrived from hyperspace, heading for the containers standing by. With the multifaceted attack unfolding from all angles around Platform Research, Avengers Alpha struggled to cover the distance between the attacking forces. Having completed docking operations, Ferries Sela proceeded to the jump point with enemy fighter still bearing down on them. After the frantic effort to protect the TIE Defender prototypes, Imperial Avengers succeeded in destroying the enemy fighters just after Sela's timely departure.

Rebel Ambush[edit | edit source]

Y-wings attacking Escort Carrier Hininbirg.

With the Cargo Ferries Sela safely away, the next step was a rendezvoused between Sela and Escort Carrier Hininbirg for a transfer operation near Vinzen Neela 5. Imperial fighters had the responsibility of sweeping for enemy craft while Carrier Hininbirg received Defender prototypes from Ferries Sela. Imperial Intelligence discovered Rebel plans to disrupt the transfer, sending Imperial starfighters ahead of the convoy to eliminate the Rebel threat. Agents of the Prophets of the Dark Side informed at least one pilot headed into battle that an apparent "leak" had surfaced from Zaarin's research facility. The Order required additional information to pin down this leak, requesting inspection of Rebel starships for clues that might ascertain the leak. Avengers Alpha emerged from hyperspace, ahead of Sela and Hininbirg, to find Rebel CR90 corvettes Mar Duun and Vop Hui several kilometers off, laying a minefield. Rebel A-wing and Y-wing starfighters also occupied the system, rapidly attacked by the arriving TIE Avengers. Imperial starfighters attacked Y-wings from Blue group first, attempting to eliminate the more ominous bomber craft. As opposing starfighters squared off, Hininbirg and Sela arrived for transfer operations. As expected, Rebel vessels had successfully deployed in a tactically perceptive position to assault Escort Carrier Hininbirg, having emerged among a minefield, moreover within range of the enemy Corvette's cannons. Avengers Alpha diverted to rescue Hininbirg from assaulting Rebel starships, having destroyed the Y-wings Blue. Discovering only mines onboard, TIE Avengers destroyed Corvette Vop Hui in a flurry of Concussion missile and laser cannon fire, protecting Hininbirg from its assault. As Imperial starfighters proceeded to defend the Hininbirg, TIE Defender prototypes began ferrying from their cargo containers across to Carrier Hininbirg. T-65 X-wing starfighters Red soon arrived to join the rebel struggle, as Cargo Ferries Sela left the system, having completed their mission. Avengers Alpha destroyed the remaining Type A Mines and Corvette Mar Dun before proceeding to attack incoming X-wing fighters. As Rebel fighters had successfully collapsed the shields of the Hininbirg, opposing Avengers battled against the clock; Hininbirg had successfully loaded all TIE Defender prototypes, and now only awaited the jump to lightspeed. Rebel fighters managed to lightly damage the hull of Carrier Hininbirg before its jump to hyperspace, but soon met their demise at the hands of Imperial Pilots.

Escorting the convoy[edit | edit source]

Tau 2 taking down Storm 1.

With the TIE Defender prototypes safely on their way to Coruscant, and Emperor Palpatine, Admiral Zaarin awaited the arrival of a convoy carrying new beam weapon equipment. Temporarily exposed because of the hyperlane locations, freighters Anterab and Degathem required armed escort from their jump point to Platform Research. Zaarin assigned Gunboats Tau to escort the freighters until they could relinquish their cargo. Flight group Tau patrolled around Zaarin's research facility as Freighters Anterab and Degathem arrived, escorted by Escort Shuttle Omicron 5. Rebel forces wasted no time as X-wings Blue emerged from hyperspace, beginning a Proton torpedo attack on the research platform. Following Blue group came B-wings from Red attacking Shuttle Omicron 5. Fooled by a Rebel diversion, Assault Gunboats spilt their attack force to counter the incoming fighters, as Rebel Assault Transports Storm entered the system firing their Ion cannons at the Imperial convoy. Imperial Gunboats scrambled to destroy the B-wings and Assault Transports as they attempted to capture the freighters. Rapidly depleting their warhead magazines, Imperial fighters succeeded in eliminating the ominous enemy transports, but still competed against the hardy B-wing starfighters. Imperial commanders noticed odd weaponry used by the B-wing fighters, ordering the escort fighters to disable one for capture. With remaining B-wings disabled, Gunboats Tau concentrated on eliminating the X-wing threat, surprised by the arrival of A-wings Gold. Gold group began attacking the disabled B-wings, their own fighters. Astounded yet again, Imperial starfighters diverted to break up the A-wing assault, sparing at least one B-wing for capture by Heavy Lifter U3f14. The Heavy Lifter successful docked and secured an enemy B-wing as Gunboats Tau returned to the remaining starfighter threats. Degathem and Anterab also completed their docking operations, returning to hyperspace as Imperial fighters destroyed the remaining rebel attackers.

The punitive raid[edit | edit source]

Kalree being disabled.

Admiral Zaarin received a communiqué following the rebel attack on his research convoy. Adding to information about the mysterious B-wing fighter weaponry, Imperial Intelligence revealed the sale of the new Mag-pulse Torpedo to the Rebel Alliance by the Galactic Electronics Corporation. As ordered, Admiral Zaarin returned to his flagship, Imperial-class Star Destroyer Glory, to stage a raid on the primary Galactic Electronics research platform. Admiral Zaarin issued orders to strip the facility of all new technology as retribution for such treasonous activity against the Empire. In addition to Zaarin's objectives, Secret Order agents instructed pilots to disable any suspicious craft for capture, especially any utilizing the new mag-pulse torpedo. Assault Gunboats from Tau entered the system ahead of the main assault force to clear any starfighter screen fronted by XQ2 Platform Pondut. Entering the system Imperial Gunboats began their assault by attacking defending Z-95 Headhunters. The more advanced Gunboats swiftly eliminated the first group of outdated Z-95s Charlie, moving onto group Adam. Galactic Electronics Transport GEC U47 left the platform upon the arrival of Gunboats Tau, docking with a Type A container. With six Assault Gunboats, Tau split their flight group to tackle the archaic enemy starfighters, while disabling any escaping transports. Tau 2 successfully disabled Transport GEC U47 immediately following its docking operation, soon followed by Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Kalree. As Assault Gunboats continued tending to enemy fighters, Assault Transports Omega arrived to capture the traitorous starships. YT-1300 Lucky Day departed the Pondut after the arrival of Transports Omega, soon met by Tau 2, vigilantly disabling and fleeing craft, discovering an arms dealer onboard. With all fleeing craft disabled, Gunboats Tau finished off the final waves of defending fighters before aiding Omega in disabling Platform Pondut. The Assault Transports began capturing craft as additional Rebel forces arrived, Cargo Ferry Bujiboi flanked by A-wings and Y-wings. Gunboats began combating the new arrivals, beginning with the A-wings; followed by Bujiboi Imperial pilots discovered Y-wings Blue carried the Mag-Pulse torpedoes, requiring capture. Decimating the last of the enemy vessels, Gunboats Tau stood by as Assault Transports completed the last docking operations, and the captured vessels proceeded to Imperial Star Destroyer Glory, to include any Mag-Pulse armed Y-wings.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

With his successful raid on Galactic Electronics, and receipt of his Beam weapon technology, Admiral Zaarin tended to the arming of his TIE Avengers with new technology. TIE Avengers had finally began seeing combat, and his new technology aided the Imperial effort to stop the Rebellion.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Arms Race is battle six in Star Wars: TIE Fighter.

During this mission, Major Trace reveals his true identity to Maarek Stele. Stele does not turn Trace over to the authorities as he too struggles with his principles at this time. The Official Strategy Guide describes this event, whereas it is not in any of the sequences within the game.

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