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"It's all so abstract. It's why guys like Tagge are fine with sending armies to their death, while they order their troopers to take me out of sight to put a blast through my chest."
Chelli Lona Aphra, to a stormtrooper[1]
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Stormtroopers served as units of the Imperial Army.

An army was a faction of troops and soldiers who were dedicated to a central cause. Major armies throughout galactic history included the Gungan Grand Army, the Trade Federation Droid Army,[2] the Grand Army of the Republic, the Separatist Droid Army,[3] the Imperial Army, the Alliance Army, the New Republic army,[4] the First Order Army, the Resistance Army,[5] and the Sith Eternal army.[6]

In order to invade a planet, a group could organize an invasion army and use landing craft to move them to the surface.[2] The ecumenopolis of Coruscant effectively had a small army of repair droids, INS-444s and CLE-004 window cleaning droids among them, to maintain the skyscrapers.[7]

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