The Army Air Corps, often abbreviated as AAC, was the Starfighter Corps of the Imperial Army. It consisted of airspeeders and TIE series starfighters detached from the Imperial Starfighter Corps of the Imperial Navy. The AAC was primarily concerned in ground attack and air support missions to support Army operations.[1] TIE fighter pilots who flew "in the blue" for the Air Corps were nicknamed "Groundhogs".[3]

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The Army Air Corps debuted in "Last Call at the Zero Angle" in Star Wars Insider 156, written by Jason Fry, albeit identified as "Groundhogs".[3] The Army Air Corps was first identified in Dawn of Rebellion, a 2018 canon roleplaying supplementary sourcebook that is based on Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The book was published by Fantasy Flight Games and authored by Tim Huckelberry, John Dunn, Sterling Hershey, Jonathan Julius, Keith Ryan Kappel, Jason Marker, Tom Sorenson, and James M. Spahn.[1]

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