Army Command, also known as Imperial Army Central Command,[1] was the council or staff of senior army generals led by the Army Chief of Staff—senior commanding officer of the Imperial Army—that commanded all of the Imperial Army forces from Imperial Headquarters on Coruscant. It was subordinate to the High Command but still had the power to make all decisions on ground campaigns and any other matters in the Army's jurisdiction. Any promotion to a senior army rank such as High General or Surface Marshal had to be recommended by a senior officer in the Army and then reviewed by the Army Command before any such promotion can be made unless the High Command promotes the officer themselves. Army Command preferred the use of walkers over repulsorlift or ground vehicles. Presumably it became a subdivision of Central Command. Due to the hierarchical elements of the Imperial Military, Army Command receives its orders from the Emperor, which then are transmitted down the chain of command down to the commander in charge of a ground operation.


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