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"The Army of the Dead. Our reinforcements."
Asajj Ventress[src]

The Army of the Dead, also called the Undead Army or Nightsister zombies, were made up of undead Dathomirian zombies that participated in a fight to hold back a Separatist Droid Army invasion.


Undead Nightsister

An Undead Nightsister.

The army was summoned by Old Daka, who was among the wisest of the Nightsisters, by using a resurrection spell that spread in to a Nightsister graveyard and opened the cocoons that held the undead warriors. The army helped Ventress and the rest of the Dathomirians to destroy the droid invasion and prevent them from getting to Talzin's village. Most of the army engaged the enemy without any weapons of some sort except their arms and legs. The army perished when General Grievous assaulted and captured the village and destroyed the entrance of the hidden cave in which Talzin and Old Daka had summoned the ferocious warriors. Grievous executed Old Daka with a stab through the witch's stomach, resulting in the destruction of all the warriors of the dead army and leaving the Nightsisters to be greatly outnumbered and executed.



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