"No, I'm from your past. When you traveled from here to Alderaan to instruct a little girl in galactic history-- Leia, Professor Horada. Princess Leia Organa."
―Leia Organa to Arn Horada[src]

Arn Horada was the teacher who instructed Princess Leia Organa in galactic history when she was a child on Alderaan.


Horada was originally from Metalorn, and returned there later in life where he became a worker in the Imperial factories. Leia came to the planet and contacted him in an effort to start a local Rebel cell, but was foiled by Baron Orman Tagge. Local Imperial Governor Corwyth considered executing Horada, but Tagge dissuaded him, as it would indicate to the populace the Empire feared the Rebellion.

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