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"Jedi moocha."

Arok was a male Hutt that led Besadii kajidic of the Five Hutt families and their crime syndicate during the Clone Wars, along with Jabba, Gorga, Oruba, and Marlo.



Arok discussing Ziro's release.

During the Clone Wars, Arok was a member of the Besadii, a Hutt kajidic.[4] Arok was smoking when he answered Jabba's summoning of the Grand Hutt Council becoming the third member of the council to have his hologram appear in Jabba's throne room. Speaking in Ancient Huttese, Arok addressed of need to release Ziro from Republic custody with Jabba and the other council members. When he was not speaking, Arok continued to smoke during the meeting. He asked Jabba if Ziro would be brought to the council after he was freed to which Jabba confirmed. Arok agreed with Jabba and the other council members to have bounty hunter Cad Bane break Ziro out of Republic custody and deliver him to the council.[2]

Arok was present when Ziro was brought before the Hutt Council on the planet Nal Hutta after being freed by Bane. When Ziro stated he possessed a holodiary detailing all of the council's deeds, Arok groaned and became agitated. Speaking in Huttese, he threatened Ziro that they could kill him. After Ziro had been taken away to the detention block, Marlo and the rest of the council were entrained by a performance by Pa'lowick singer Sy Snootles. Arok chuckled as Snootles danced her way past him and along the other council members.[3]


Arok, with Gardulla, and Gorga speaking to Cad Bane.

After Snootles' performance, Arok was enjoying the entertainment of the Twi'lek dancers when Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos entered the council chamber. Arok did not speak when Kenobi informed the council of Ziro's escape.[3]

A short time later, Arok accompanied Gardulla, Gorga and Cad Bane to the detention block where they found Ziro's cell empty. Arok suggested the Jedi were the ones who broke Ziro out to which Gardulla agreed with but Bane disagreed. When Bane stated he was done working for the Hutts, Arok became alarmed and agreed with his fellow Hutts to have Bane track down Ziro.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Arok was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Arok's voice and appearance was based on well known American gangster actor Edward G. Robinson.



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