"As a Padawan, Revan was trained by Master Kae, before she was exiled."

Arren Kae was a female Jedi Master, known for her part in training Revan. She joined her former apprentice in the Mandalorian Wars after her exile from the Jedi Order and was lost in the close of the conflict. She was the mother of the Echani Brianna.


"There have been so many failures, by teachers who believed in the Code with all their being – Master Arca failed Ulic, as Master Baas failed Exar Kun, as Kae and Zhar and the others of the Council failed Revan."
―Zez-Kai Ell[1]

According to Mical, Arren Kae was one of the Masters that Revan held during his time as a Padawan. The Jedi scholar would mention to Meetra Surik in 3951 BBY that she was among the Masters blamed for the Jedi schism during the Mandalorian Wars, and for the Civil War that followed. Zez-Kai Ell also mentioned Kae as he spoke of the failures of the Jedi Masters of the past, because of Revan's fall to the dark side of the Force. Kae's exile from the Order was mentioned to Meetra by both Mical and Kreia, the latter providing further details on the reasons for her sentence. According to Kreia, Master Kae had managed to keep a secret love affair, and a child for almost a decade, in violation of one of the Order's rules of that time which stated Jedi should not have children. On her account, Kae was exiled when her infractions came to light.

The child's father was Senator and General Yusanis of Echani, a famed and powerful warrior. When Kae was exiled, she was welcomed by Revan to join the Revanchists and fought the Mandalorians alongside him until the Battle of Malachor V. Yusanis followed her to war, breaking an oath to a person to whom he had pledged himself, and eventually became one of the greatest heroes of the conflict, but he would return alone and forsake battle, serving since as a Senator for his people. Their child, Brianna, would later be known as the Last of the Handmaidens, the Echani sisters that catered to Jedi Master Atris.

Arren was assumed to have died during the Mandalorian Wars at Malachor V even though no body was ever recovered. Yusanis was slain by Revan in the Jedi Civil War when Revan sought to destabilize the Echani worlds. Meetra Surik would meet Brianna in the Telosian Jedi Academy and speak to her, indulging her curiosity and answering her questions on how it was to feel the Force. As she followed Atris, Brianna secretly wished to follow the call of her mother and become a Jedi like her, but like her half-sisters, she had sworn an oath never to learn the ways of the Jedi, even though she was Force-sensitive. Kae's only legacy to her daughter was her Jedi apparel, which Brianna donned for training purposes as she imparted some Echani training to Meetra. Brianna eventually broke her oath to Atris, and became one of Meetra's disciples.[2] She would succeed Atris as Jedi historian after Atris was sentenced by the new Jedi High Council.[3]

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Brianna wearing her mother's robe.

"She was… said to be… a skilled warrior. Beautiful. And strong in the Force."

Kae's daughter, Brianna, is a playable character in the computer and video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Her Jedi heritage allows her to be trained in the ways of the Force. In gameplay, Brianna comes with Kae's Jedi robe as a usable item, a white robe which grants a bonus to the wearer's Charisma. The Echani are also known to look strikingly alike to their parent of the same sex. In this manner, Brianna is said to bear the face of her mother, Arren Kae. If one was to play the Exile as a male and go through with the Echani training sessions with Brianna, Kreia would tell the tale of how Arren was exiled from the Order, unlocking more lines with Brianna in which she speaks of her father, and how he broke his oath to be with the one he loved. Both Kae and Kreia are said to be one of Revan's Masters, the sources being Mical and Kreia respectively. On whether Kreia and Kae are one and the same, lead designer Chris Avellone said "Can't comment, but good catch. Sorry."[4] Avellone has previously used the phrase "good catch" in the Fallout Bibles to describe unintended implications he likes.[5]

It is therefore certainly possible that Kreia is Kae, as Brianna never saw the face of her mother, so would not have recognized Kreia as her mother. Kreia is said to have left the Jedi Order, the same as Kae. Jedi Master Kavar also mentioned that he thought that she had died in the Mandalorian Wars. Brianna said the same about her mother.

"Arren Kae" is also the name of a character created by Obsidian Entertainment for beta-testing purposes, who had the PFHC06 portrait, or "girl with platinum blonde hair." This reference can be found in the dialog.tlk file, where another character, Eras Jast, is mentioned as well. Although she will not join female playing characters, Brianna following the Exile became canon when referenced in Star Wars Miniatures: Knights of the Old Republic.[2]



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