The Arrestor was an Acclamator-class assault ship that served the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars and participated in the Mission to the Chaykin Cluster. It survived the Clone Wars to serve the Imperial Navy in the Galactic Civil War.


Built by Rothana Heavy Engineering, the Arrestor was a gray Acclamator-class assault ship. Proprietary to the Galactic Republic, the ship was not available for sale to outside organizations. It was equipped with turbolasers that were used to assist in the destruction of at least one Lucrehulk-class battleship.[1]


Arrestor attacking a Droid Control Ship.

In 21 BBY, during the Mission to the Chaykin Cluster in the Corbantis system, under the command of Captain Talbot, the Arrestor was called upon to assist the clone commando team Delta Squad in eliminating Separatist and Trandoshan forces on the abandoned Acclamator-class assault ship Prosecutor. Arrestor helped to destroy a Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship while Delta Squad regained the operational use of Prosecutor's automated turbolaser batteries.[1]

The Arrestor and Delta Squad were successful in repelling the CIS-Trandoshan slaver alliance, presumably bringing Prosecutor back into regular Republic use.[1]

The Arrestor was eventually pressed into service with the Imperial Navy.[2]


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