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In 3 BBY, the Galactic Empire arrested many officials of the government of the Outer Rim planet of Christophsis after discovering that they had backed rebel activity. The Empire also "pacified" the city of Tophen, which they determined was the hotspot of the planet's rebel activity.


"False reports circulating through various informal channels claim that a medical frigate was captured. Although many members of the frigate's crew were found to harbor treasonous beliefs and attempted to aid in the attack, the ship remains in the control of the proper authorities."
―A HoloNet reporter reporting on the incident[src]

In 3 BBY,[2] an Imperial medical frigate was stolen by the rebellion, with the assistance of the ship's captain and a squadron of rebel starfighters. The Empire, investigating the theft, discovered that the prime minister of Christophsis, along with many other government officials, including the planet's senators, were backing the Christophsian rebels, who had been involved in the incident.[1]

The crackdownEdit

"Therefore, we have made an example of these leaders—I should say, former leaders. While the ex-senators and territorial supervisors have been jailed for terms of four years or more, the prime minister has been tried, convicted, and executed for treason. Furthermore, his home city of Tophen—found to be the center of this activity—has already been pacified."
―Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

The Empire moved swiftly, and arrested the prime minister, senators, and territorial supervisors. The city of Tophen, the prime minister's hometown, which the Empire had determined was the centre of the planet's rebel activity, was "pacified". The prime minister was executed for treason, and the senators and territorial supervisors were sent to Imperial work camps.[1]


"It is hoped that this action, drastic though it is, has served to quell the radical elements at work on Christophsis, to restore the planet to order, and to deliver a message to all those who would threaten the peace our Emperor has given us: we stand here now, always, and forevermore. No matter what else may come, the Empire will endure."
―Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin gave a speech detailing the Empire's crackdown to the entire Imperial Senate, as a warning about what would happen to other worlds that dared to defy the Empire.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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