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Aratech Repulsor Company's Arrow-23 landspeeder was a fast, agile repulsorlift craft designed for the adventurer set and modified for combat use by the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


Aratech Repulsor Company's Arrow-23 landspeeder was an enclosed repulsorlift vehicle,[2] measuring 8.1 meters in length.[3] It was equipped with military-grade armor and windows that were blast-resistant that could withstand the force of a light blaster cannon.[2] The exterior was also resistant to animal attack.[5] Fast and comfortable,[2] the Arrow-23 could reach speeds of four hundred kilometers per hour, with a ground clearance of four meters.[3]

Standard Arrow-23s required only a single pilot,[2] could carry five passengers,[1] had a cargo capacity of eight hundred kilograms and carried consumables to last a day.[5] The craft retailed for between 10,000[2] and 10,800 credits when bought new,[3] and sold used for anywhere 3,400[3] and 8,000 credits. A high-end luxury model of the Arrow-23 was also produced which contained comfort features including an all-leather interior. These models sold for an extra 10,000 credits over the base price.[2]

Arrow-23s were regularly modified by their owners;[2] the speed and cargo capacity of the landspeeder, along with the ease with which it was modified, were qualities that endeared the craft to police forces and bounty hunters.[5] Individuals would install additions such as long-range comlinks, weapon racks, sleeping benches that could fold out of the fuselage, and even manually operated turret weapons.[2] If the vehicle was modified to carry weapons, they were manual turrets since the extra power drain to operate the weapon would diminish the vehicle's overall speed.[1] Arrow-23s serving in the Alliance to Restore the Republic were modified by installing[3] a Mk 2/S laser cannon and a Mk 1/S concussion missile launcher with a complement of three Mk 1/S concussion missiles,[4] and required a crew of two to operate, a pilot and a gunner.[3]


The Arrow-23 landspeeder was designed as an adventurer's vehicle, capable of transporting a small party into the wilderness in safety and comfort. The Arrow-23 was popular with a variety of groups, including big-game hunters, tour groups, and campers.[2] Arrow-23 landspeeders in service to the Alliance were known as colloquially as "tramp shuttles," a designation that included many modified landspeeders that were intended to enter combat, ferrying troops to the front line, and delivering energy cells and ammunition. Others were converted into makeshift medical facilities, treating and evacuating wounded troops. These vehicles were staffed with a medic and medical droid.[1]



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