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Ewoks fought with bows and arrows

"A stone arrowhead will kill you just as dead as a blaster."
Luke Skywalker to Han Solo[1]

An arrow was a projectile used in a bow.

Arrows consisted of a shaft attached to a sharp head of some kind, with stabilizing fins attached at the rear. Arrows were widely considered to be primitive when compared to the galactic standard, and were often used by societies who lacked advanced technology, such as the Ewoks of Endor, or by societies who clung to their ancient roots, like the Tunroth. Despite this, some companies such as Drolan Plasteel made modern advancements on arrows, for use in their crossbows.[2]

Arrows as a general rule were useless against even plastoid armors like stormtrooper armor unless shot into the flexible bodysuit between armor plates, unless the bow in question was designed for a species with incredible strength, like the klirun bow, which could penetrate straight through such reinforced armor. However, some companies like Drolan Plasteel produced specialized plastic, metal, ceramic, and polyceramic arrows for use in their repeating crossbows, with these arrows finding their way into other more contemporary arrow weapons like the Magna caster and Alliance Bolt-thrower; these arrows were often sturdier than their primitive counterparts and were capable of piercing armor with greater ease.[2] Additionally, these more advanced arrows could be custom made to contain toxins, knockout agents, acids, tracers and incendiaries.[2]

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