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The Arrowhead was a starship built by Rowan Freemaker, who believed that it could turn the tide of the Galactic Civil War. Prior to the Battle of Endor, Rowan, his siblings Zander and Kordi, and their B1-series battle droid Roger undertook a quest to obtain the various parts needed to build the Arrowhead. After being built on Jakku, the Arrowhead was destroyed during a skirmish over Shantipole but some of its parts were incorporated into the Freemakers' starship StarScavenger just in time for the Battle of Endor.


Quarrie and Zander Freemaker working on the Arrowhead

The Arrowhead was an arrowhead–shaped starship. It was equipped with various accessories including a pair of embersteel blades, a Farium fusion conduit, a proton suspension housing, an energy matrix activator, and a large kyber crystal.[9] The ship's embersteel blades could cut through just about anything[3] and had a pair of blaster cannons on either side.[9]



Following the mission to Tibalt, Rowan Freemaker experienced a Force vision of himself building the Arrowhead.[1] Rowan later related his vision to the Mon Calamari Rebel Alliance starship builder Quarrie but was unable to accurately describe the ship. To teach Rowan a sense of style and craftsmanship, Quarrie brought Rowan and the B1-series battle droid Roger to the ancient Force Builders city of Alistan Nor. After climbing to the top of the Tower of Alistan Nor, Rowan experienced another Force vision of the Arrowhead.[9]

After escaping an attack by the Imperial hunter droid M-OC, Rowan assembled a model of the Arrowhead. Quarrie estimated that they needed several items including embersteel blades, a Farium fusion conduit, a proton suspension housing, an energy matrix activator, and a bantha–sized kyber crystal. While Rowan's older siblings Zander and Kordi Freemaker were daunted, Rowan remained optimistic.[9]

Quest to build the Arrowhead[]

Under the leadership of Kordi, the Freemakers then undertook a mission to Mygeeto to purchase a Theta-class H-2 executive shuttle for its embersteel wings. Despite running into entanglements with the Hutt crime lord Graballa, the Freemakers managed to obtain the shuttle. Its embersteel wings were then melted and forged into frontal blades.[3]

While undertaking a mission to rescue the rebel agent Bren Derlin, the Freemakers enlisted the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka's help in obtaining a proton suspension housing from a wrecked Corellian Defender on the acidic world of Taul. Despite Hondo stealing their starship the StarScavenger and being attacked by M-OC, the Freemakers managed to escape offworld with the proton suspension housing with the help of Roger, who subdued Hondo.[10]

The Freemakers later traveled to their former home Freemaker Salvage and Repair on the Wheel to obtain an energy matrix activator. Kordi's plan was to sneak into their former home at night to recover it. However, their mission was complicated by Roger's run-in with several Ranats and the arrival of Graballa the Hutt and his bounty hunters, who wanted to hand over Rowan to Darth Vader. With the help of Kordi, the Freemakers managed to escape their captors and reunite with Roger. After eluding Darth Vader, they escaped back to the rebel fleet with the energy matrix activator.[11]

After a failed attempt to acquire kyber crystals on the planet Qalydon,[12] the Freemakers traveled to an uncharted planet, where Jedi Master Baird Kantoo had forged the Kyber Saber years earlier. Using his Force building powers, Rowan forged a giant kyber crystal out of several small crystals in a pit. Having collected all the pieces, the Freemakers then headed back to the rebel fleet.[13]

Since the rebel fleet was under attack from Imperial forces, Quarrie convinced the Freemakers that they had to assemble the Arrowhead offworld. Quarrie tasked the rebel pilot Lieutenant Valeria with flying the Arrowhead to the planet Jakku. However, Valeria landed the Arrowhead in quick sand, causing the ship to sink and explode. Though the managed to recover most of the pieces, the ship's energy matrix activator fell into the hands of the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker.[2]

Following a failed attempt by Zander and Roger to cover the matrix activator, Kordi disguised herself as Darth Vader and distracted the Imperial officers long enough for Valeria to knock them out. Valeria and Zander distracted the Imperials long enough for Rowan and Quarrie to rebuild the Arrowhead. After Zander used the Arrowhead to destroy Durpin and Plumestriker's AT-ST walker, he and Rowan used the fully operational starship to destroy an Imperial Star Destroyer, forcing the Empire to retreat. The Freemakers were regarded by the rebels as heroes and received various promotions.[2]

Rebel service[]

The Emperor was furious that the Imperial fleet was being destroyed by the Arrowhead and summoned his top servants Darth Vader and M-OC.[2] The Emperor tasked Lord Vader and M-OC with working together to capture Rowan Freemaker, the Arrowhead and the Kyber Saber.[14]

In the service of the Rebel Alliance, the Arrowhead saw action against Imperial forces on Kashyyyk. Aiding Lieutenant Valeria's rebel and Wookiee forces on Kashyyyk, the Arrowhead destroyed an AT-ST walker and three AT-AT walkers. This incident terrified the AT-AT commander, who recounted his story to Commander Estoc of the Star Destroyer Desolator.[14]

Later, Zander flew the Arrowhead in support of Lieutenant Valeria and Blue Squadron during a raid on an Imperial repair installation near Alzoc III. Despite the AT-AT commander's warnings, Estoc underestimated the threat of the Arrowhead. The Arrowhead destroyed several Star Destroyers with its Embersteel Blade. Estoc's Star Destroyer tried to trap the Arrowhead but Valeria disabled the Star Destroyer's tractor beam projector. This allowed the Arrowhead to destroy the Desolator and return triumphantly to the rebel fleet. However, the rebel victory was overshadowed by Lord Vader's capture of Rowan.[14]

Rescuing Rowan[]

Unable to get the Alliance High Command to authorize a mission to rescue Rowan, Zander, Kordi, and M-OC stole the Arrowhead from the Rebel Alliance. Lieutenant Valeria allowed them to "steal" the ship due to her sympathies for their plight.[15]

The Freemakers took the Arrowhead to the heavily fortified Imperial capital of Coruscant. The Arrowhead destroyed three Star Destroyers and several TIE fighters. Roger then dropped Kordi and Zander on the top spire of the Imperial Palace so that they could rescue Rowan. Flying the Arrowhead, Roger destroyed three more TIE fighters and M-OC's starship Tracker I.[15]

He then flew the Arrowhead back to the Imperial Palace, intending to pick up the Freemakers. However, M-OC had clung to the ship's hull and hijacked the Arrowhead when Roger opened the canopy. After tearing Roger apart and hurling him out, he opened fire on the Freemakers, causing them to fall to the battlements. However, the Freemakers survived the fall due to Rowan's efforts and escaped offworld on an Ugly.[15]

In M-OC's hands[]

After capturing the Arrowhead, M-OC informed the Emperor that he had captured the starship to atone for his failure to capture Rowan. Having obtained the location of a planet rich in kyber crystals from Rowan, the Emperor tasked M-OC with hunting down and destroying the Freemakers.[15]

Flying the Arrowhead, M-OC attacked the Freemaker's TIE "Ugly". The Freemakers tried to surrender but M-OC refused to accept it and blasted their starship's solar collectors. Before M-OC could finish off the Freemakers, Quarrie arrived aboard the StarScavenger and rescued them. Though the StarScavenger managed to escape into hyperspace, M-OC managed to track them down using a XX-23 S-thread tracker.[4]

The Arrowhead caught up with the StarScavenger in an asteroid field but the Freemakers managed to flee to the stormy planet of Shantipole, where Quarrie had a base. While M-OC was unable to pursue the Freemakers due to the planet's stormy upper atmosphere, the relentless droid circled the planet with his ship, waiting to destroy the Freemakers should they try to escape offworld.[4]

At the urging of Rowan, the Freemakers and Quarrie decided to lure M-OC into a trap. After baiting M-OC, the Freemakers used a large tractor beam projector attached to the StarScavenger to drag the Arrowhead into the upper atmosphere. Both ships were hit by lightning, causing them to lose power. Rowan then landed on the Arrowhead and began removing the giant kyber crystal from the Arrowhead's power core.[4]

M-OC engaged Rowan in a lightsaber duel. Rowan managed to retrieve the kyber crystal with the help of Roger, who was flying the Mini Scavenger. Zander then rammed the StarScavenger into the Arrowhead before bailing out with Kordi and Quarrie. Both ships were destroyed in the subsequent explosion with their wreckage crashing on Shantipole's surface.[4]


Despite the destruction of the Arrowhead, its legacy lived on. M-OC survived the crash and built a mobile starship that incorporated parts of the Arrowhead including the giant kyber crystal and proton suspension housing. He then traveled to the second Death Star in order to identify a design flaw and protect the battle station.[4]

When rebuilding the Freemakers' starship StarScavenger, Rowan incorporated the starship's Embersteel Blade into the StarScavenger. This allowed the Freemakers to breach the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor.[5] After the Battle, the Freemakers attempted to leave in the ship, but an Ewok befriended by Roger snuck onboard multiple times despite Roger's attempts to leave him on Endor.[16]

Later on, the ship was used by the Freemakers in the Battle of Jakku. The Freemakers briefly landed to repair Lieutenant Valeria's ship, then took off once more after repairs were complete.[17]

Behind the scenes[]

The Arrowhead forms an important element of the plot of the second season of Bill Motz and Bob Roth's LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. The starship was designed by Lucasfilm concept artist Ryan Church, who had previously worked on the Prequel trilogy. A LEGO set of the Arrowhead was also produced to promote the TV series.[18]



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