"Good afternoon to ye. This be Ars Fivvle reportin' for "Action Tidings"."
―Ars Fivvle[src]

Ars Fivvle, sometimes called A.F., was an Ugnaught of the Isced tribe who lived in the artificial city known as Ugnorgrad, one kilometer below Cloud City on the planet, Bespin.


"'Tis truly an honour to meet two Jedi on the same day. Do you mind me recordin' the meeting for my journal?"
―Ars Fivvle, to Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

Ars Fivvle's father was the foreman of a Republic mining outpost near Mirial during the Clone Wars.

Ars was a successful holojournalist for a media program known as Action Tidings. Along with his cameraman, Pordimer, Ars would record all significant events pertaining to the Ugnaught environs.

Ars Fivvle CW

Ars Fivvle during the Clone Wars

Three years after the Battle of Yavin, Lando Calrissian and his former aide, Lobot, arrived in the Pleasant Meadow region near Ugnorgrad after having just lost a battle with Captain Hugo Treece, the Imperial administrator of Cloud City. Lando and Lobot boarded Ars' news floatboat and used the Action Tidings camera equipment to successfully repel an attack from Imperial stormtroopers. Ars and his crew later accompanied Lando back to Cloud City where he was witness to a Rebel coup led by Luke Skywalker to remove Captain Treece from power.

This victory earned Ars tremendous renown amongst the holonews community and would eventually pave the way for Ars' promotion to the position of executive producer and anchorman emeritus of Action Tidings. Ars' final official contribution to Action Tidings before retiring was an award-winning documentary entitled Ugnaughts' Progress.

Upon retiring, Ars returned to his home on the Ugnaught Surface colony where he attempted to pay off some of his gambling debts as well as keeping pace with the Ars Fivvle Fan Club.



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