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This article is about the animated short.
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"Art Attack" is the second of four prelude shorts[3] released in promotion of the animated series Star Wars Rebels. The three-minute short aired online and on Disney XD August 18, 2014. The remaining two shorts premiered in the same time slot over the next two weeks.[3]

Publisher's summary[]

Sabine shows off both her artistic and explosive skills against a squadron of stormtroopers.[4]

Plot summary[]

On Lothal, a citizen is in a restricted Imperial area and is threatened by a stormtrooper, who commands the citizen to leave the area. As the stormtrooper moves along his patrol, Sabine Wren appears on a rooftop and makes her way toward a TIE/ln space superiority starfighter landing platform. Once on the outer wall of the platform, Wren contacts Hera Syndulla on the Ghost, alerting the Twi'lek pilot that Wren is in place in order to create a diversion that will allow the Ghost to fly away.

Wren paints her symbol onto the wing of a TIE fighter.

Wren sneaks through the landing platform and begins painting her call sign in graffiti on the side of a TIE fighter, when she is spotted by two stormtroopers who overheard the sound of her painting. They question the Mandalorian as to what she is doing and command her to stand down, or else they will shoot. Wren goads them to shoot. The stormtroopers, staring at each other in bemusement prepare their blasters only to find that she had disappeared. The troopers chase her through the platform, with Wren taunting them as she moved. One of the troopers, TK-626, calls for reinforcements.

When the reinforcements arrive, the two troopers describe Wren as being still at large and wearing "Mando gear." Wren returns to her graffiti and adds an explosive device to it before running off. The troopers notice the explosive, but not before it is too late. The TIE fighter explodes, and the Ghost uses the distraction as a diversion to fly off. The groaning stormtroopers survived, covered in paint, while Wren marvels at her explosive artwork.


This short was adapted into a short story by Michael Kogge in the chapter book Rise of the Rebels as well as the Disney–Lucasfilm Press young reader's book Sabine's Art Attack by Jennifer Heddle. Another version by Brooke Vitale was one of eight titles in Star Wars Rebels: Storybook Library.

Sabine's attack is mentioned by the stormtroopers guarding the TIE fighters in "Fire Across the Galaxy."



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