This article is about the young readers book. You may be looking for the animated short.

Art Attack is a young readers adaptation of the Star Wars Rebels short "Art Attack." It was written by Brooke Vitale and published as part of Star Wars Rebels: Storybook Library on December 22, 2014.[1]


Notes and references[]

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  2. The events of "Art Attack", which this book adapts, takes place months before "Fire Across the Galaxy" according to Battle to the End. Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates "Fire Across the Galaxy" to 4 BBY, meaning that "Art Attack" is either set in 5 BBY or 4 BBY. However, Art Attack takes place before Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion, which Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates to 5 BBY, meaning that Art Attack cannot be set in 4 BBY and therefore takes place in in 5 BBY.