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Art of Movement in action.

Art of Movement was a technique taught at the Jedi Temple during the Old Republic, it could be done with the Force to improve its performance.


It was essentially what it sounded like: a higher form of movement developed for use by the Jedi Order. The Order trained their younglings in this art by means of an obstacle course. A reflex and agility exercise; students were ordered to traverse a difficult obstacle course within the Temple, while avoiding beams of light cast from the ceilings, walls, and floors.

During the last days of the Republic, Jedi Master Fy-Tor-Ana was teaching and monitoring sessions within the Temple's obstacle course. After Fy-Tor was killed by the Galactic Empire, the knowledge of the art survived mainly in her surviving students. It was unknown if records of the Art were ever found by the New Jedi Order, though the Jedi-game Skorch had similar rules.


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