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"The artificial gravity's weakening."
―Lina Graf, as her brother Milo nearly floats away[src]

Artificial gravity was a means of generating gravity within a vessel traveling in space such that those traveling aboard it could remain upright.[1]

The Moveable Feast was an example of a vessel equipped with artificial gravity. When the ship was damaged while Lina and Milo Graf were traveling aboard it as prisoners, the artificial gravity began to weaken, causing Milo to nearly float away when he stumbled after the ship itself juddered.[1]

When the Spectres were aboard Transport 651 to rescue Wookiee prisoners, Sabine Wren had the astromech droid Chopper shut down the ship's gravity generator, taking down artificial gravity for two minutes and greatly troubling the Imperials on-board.[2]

The scientist Fyzen Gor was able to artificially replicate a gravitational center around his Phylanx Redux Transmitter.[3]


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