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Artificial intelligence was a form of technology that could be installed into droids to give them some degree of independent thought.[1] Doctor Gubacher of the Galactic Republic was an artificial intelligence specialist, designing and making modifications to droids for the Republic during the Clone Wars.[2] Kallon, a member of the Free Ryloth Movement, was considered to be a genius with artificial intelligence, and had used his knowledge to reprogram the brains of Separatist droid fighters.[1]

Eternal Rur was the name held by the disembodied consciousness of a deceased male human Rur which was stored within the Rur crystal. It was located at the Citadel of Rur and was destroyed around 0 ABY.[3]

In the time following the Battle of Endor, Imperial Grand Admiral Rae Sloane tried listening to a phono-play about a droid containing an artificial intelligence named ADAM.[4]

The auto-fighters were automated TIE line starfighters that were produced by the forces under Commodore Visler Korda on the planet Rekkana.[5]

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