Artificial skin was the term given to sensor-detectable, body-shaped outline that the Oswaft could leave behind, at will. After a certain mix of heavy metals were ingested, the vacuum-breathers could excrete bodily waste through all their pores, forming a translucent image of themselves.

During the Battle of ThonBoka, in 3 BBY, the Oswaft utilized this tactic. By hopping between the Centrality Navy ships, leaving an image, and hopping out; they provoked the Navy gunners to fire upon the artificial skin. The energy beams would pass directly through the false shape, only to strike an allied cruiser. Many of the Centrality's warships were destroyed in this manner. The Oswaft initially thought this tactic was demeaning and below their dignity, due to its nature, but they were persuaded to employ this method by Lando Calrissian.



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