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The artillery stormtrooper[2] also known as the Mortar Stormtrooper,[3] was a variant of stormtrooper that specialized in indirect fire weapons such as mortars while in the battlefield. They launched explosives of different types at a high angle to fall at precisely calculated coordinates from cover.[2]

The stormtrooper was equipped with standard stormtrooper armor, albeit with yellow markings, a yellow pauldron, and a military backpack. The style and position of the yellow markings on the stormtrooper[1] were identical to the red markings of the incinerator troopers deployed by the Imperial remnant led by Moff Gideon.[4] One Mortar Stormtrooper participated in a skirmish on Tython.[1]

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The artillery stormtrooper was mentioned on its official product page as "Mortar Stromtrooper." This article assumes that the title was a misspelling of "Mortar Stormtrooper."[3]

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