Artiodacs were a fearsome-looking sentient species native to the cold, swampy planet Artiod Minor[5] with tough hides, bulging arms, and deep, rumbling voices[1] whose members could live for several centuries.[4] Although most were quiet, solitary beings by nature, centuries of enslavement by the Zygerrian Slave Empire,[1] who overran Artiod Minor,[5] forced upon them the reputation of serving as gladiators in galactic arenas, hired muscle for crime lords, and janissaries in private armies.[1] The disfigured chef Strono Tuggs was an Artiodac,[6] as was the staff cook who served the Smuggler's crew.[7]

Mated Artiodacs spent their long lifespans tending to aqua-farms on their homeworld, where they cared for schools of prengalli.[1]

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