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"Count Dooku, we have chosen to remain neutral in this war."
―Governor Roshti[src]

The artisan colony was a city with 50,000 inhabitants located on the planet Kiros. It was founded by Togruta colonists who created a society without weapons, pursuing art and beauty instead of war.


During the Clone Wars, the colony was invaded by a contingent of Confederacy of Independent Systems forces led by Zygerrian Darts D'Nar, with the aide of Separatist leader, Count Dooku, who insisted to offer the world his protection. In short amount of time, all the colonists were enslaved[1] and transported to Zygerria[4] and later, a slave processing facility on Kadavo.[3] D'Nar had the droids plant bombs around the city.[1]

Ten planetary rotations later, Jedi Generals Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as Commander Ahsoka Tano and several clone troopers, arrived in the city to try to liberate the colonists. Kenobi tried to negotiate with D'Nar in the governor's tower, but D'Nar threatened Kenobi with the bombs, prompting Skywalker, Tano, and the astromech droid R2-D2 to disable them during the Battle of Kiros. D'Nar was ultimately captured,[1] and the Jedi trio went on a mission to Zygerria to rescue the kidnapped colonists.[4] Eventually, all surviving colonists were rescued, and Governor Roshti announced his people's intention to join the Galactic Republic.[3]



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