Artom Station was a space station that was located in the Cularin system.


Artom Station was located near to the Cularin comet cloud, a couple of hours flight from the planet Almas.


Artom Station was named after Reidi Artom, the discoverer of the Cularin system, and co-funded by the Cularin government and the Thaereian military. It was operated by the Comet Broom Service, who used it as a navigational monitoring post, to watch the Cularin comet cloud. During the Clone Wars, the Dark Jedi Garth Ezzar traveled to the station and murdered the Wookiee co-owners of the Comet Broom Service. Garth Ezzar then turned the station into a gentlemens club for wandering explorers. All the credits made were put towards Garth Ezzar's own personal fleet of ships that would be used as escorts for the top paying customer. The station soon became extremely popular, making Garth Ezzar very rich and quite powerful.


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