Artus Prime was a terrestrial planet located in the Artus system of the Kwymar sector in the Outer Rim Territories. The planet primarily served as a mining colony, which was known for its Artusian crystals which could also be used in the construction of lightsabers.

Although the mining industry served as an important aspect of the planet's economy, Artus Prime was not considered a major destination hub in the Kwymar sector. Its population was relatively low, and its surface was mostly covered in canyons and toxic rivers, while the wildlife on the planet primarily included the scavenging and dangerous mine crabs.



Stormtroopers fire at revolting prisoners in the Battle of Artus Prime.

The Artus Prime Mining Facility was captured by the Empire Reborn movement in 12 ABY as part of the fallen Jedi Desann's plans to create an army of Force sensitive soldiers. The plot was discovered by New Republic Intelligence agent Kyle Katarn and soon after—in the Battle of Artus Prime—Katarn aided a New Republic battle fleet in recapturing the facility and liberating the planet.

Towards the end of the battle, Kyle confronted Desann, who had captured his professional partner Jan Ors. Kyle was beaten easily by Desann, who then tricked Kyle into believing Jan was murdered. This would lead Kyle to return to the Valley of the Jedi, to regain his connection with the Force, and seek out his revenge.



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