Large Artusian crystal in the research facility on Kejim

Artusian crystals.

Artusian crystals were a substance found and mined on Artus Prime. They were the primary component in Admiral Galak Fyyar's plan to infuse Force powers into Human subjects with little Force-sensitivity. Initial attempts to do this in Kejim Outpost were unsuccessful, but the goal was finally achieved after the crystals themselves were infused with the power of the Valley of the Jedi. A small Artusian crystal was a vital part of the Shadowtrooper armor.[1]

Artusian crystals were described as "very much like those found in a Jedi's lightsaber." However, given the wide variety of crystals used in lightsabers, the precise properties of Artusian crystals remained unknown.

Following the death of Desann, Lannik Racto possessed at least three of these crystals; they were presumably seized along with the rest of his Sith artifacts following his capture by Jaden Korr.[2]

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