Aruza was a planet orbited by five moons of pale shades of tan, silver, and green. The planet was home to the peaceful Aruzans, an even-tempered society that abhorred violence. By 3 ABY, Aruza had not experienced a murder for over one hundred of their years. They were small people with light blue skin and very dark blue hair.

During the Galactic Civil War, Aruza was controlled by the COMPNOR officer, General Sinick Kritkeen. Kritkeen was ordered to "Redesign" the peaceful inhabitants of Aruza into a "viable social force," effectively turning the planet into an efficient war machine, by stripping them of most of their humanity and turning them into vicious servants of Imperial doctrine. If the Aruzans resisted, they were to be "alleviated of the potential for further evolution." The process had impoverished the Aruzans and turned Kritkeen into a very wealthy man. The Empire destroyed all of the Aruzans' ships to prevent them from escaping the planet. Additionally, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer orbited the planet.

Wishing to be rid of his fearful reign, the Aruzans hired the bounty hunter Dengar to assassinate Kritkeen for the price of 1,000 Imperial credits, a steep price they were willing to pay for their freedom. Although Dengar succeeded in killing Kritkeen, the Empire soon responded by assigning another, more ruthless general to oversee Aruza.

The planet was evacuated by the Rebel Alliance sometime between 3 ABY and 4 ABY at the request of Dengar. The Rebellion was able to secure an Imperial prison barge, completely staffed, which they assigned to Dengar, posing as an Imperial Intelligence officer. The Rebellion easily forged and sent new orders to Kritkeen's COMPNOR replacement to remove a hundred thousand Aruzans to a "more secure facility."

One notable Aruzan was the dancer Manaroo, who married Dengar. Manaroo's parents were the impetus for Dengar's desire to save the Aruzans from further Imperial subjugation.

Aruza was home to rupin trees, inderrin trees, and also to the creatures known as farrow birds and bomats.

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