The Asagov Raider, formerly known as the Cekbar Servant, was a Corellian Engineering Corporation Action IV transport operating during the early years of the New Republic. Originally a merchant vessel registered to Nalroni businessmen on the trading world of Celanon, the ship was captured by the Saurton pirate Miktiss around 7 ABY. Miktiss had the vessel heavily modified and renamed as the Asagov Raider, using the medium bulk freighter as his flagship and as the command base of the Des'maric Pirates. The Asagov Raider was a mobile headquarters for the organization while they operated in the Kathol sector in 8 ABY.


The Asagov Raider was a Corellian Engineering Corporation Action IV transport.[1] Like other Action IVs, the vessel was trapezoidal in shape[2] and measured 100 meters in length.[1] Although standard models came unarmed,[2] the Asagov Raider was heavily modified to serve as a pirate vessel by the Saurton Miktiss. The ship boasted eight ion cannons and twelve double laser cannons. The ion cannons were placed evenly around the medium bulk freighter for maximum coverage, while the laser cannons were concentrated to the fore, with some weapons covering the port and starboard fire arcs. Other modifications included stronger shield generators, increased sublight speed, and detention cells on the lower level.[1]

The ship was equipped with a navigation computer for plotting hyperspace jumps, and a Class 3 hyperdrive, with a Class 15 as a backup. Crewed by fifteen beings, the Asagov Raider also required a complement of forty gunners to operate effectively. A skeleton crew of eight personnel and ten gunners could run the ship, but at a cost of efficiency. The vessel could carry 60,000 metric tons of cargo, and store consumables for the crew to last 3 months.[1]


Miktiss, leader of the Des'maric Pirates

Commissioned as a medium bulk freighter, the Cekbar Servant was originally owned by a consortium of Nalroni merchants from the planet Celanon,[1] a major trade world in the Outer Rim Territories.[3] Around 7 ABY, the Saurton pirate Miktiss, head of the Des'maric Pirates, captured the vessel shortly after acquiring a trio of Skipray Blastboats from the planet Elshandruu Pica. Realizing that, in its current state, it was not a vessel fit for piracy, Miktiss forced a former Sienar Fleet Systems engineer—through a combination of blackmail and bargaining—to modify the ship to his specifications. The engineer complied, fitting the ship out with extra weapons, stronger shield generators, and a faster sublight drive.[1]

Renamed as the "Asagov Raider," the ship served as a mobile command base for the Des'maric Pirates while they operated within the Kathol sector around 8 ABY. Despite being a formidable raiding vessel, the ship was generally kept away from combat areas to keep it safe. Although fully capable of subduing merchant freighters and similar vessels, a single Imperial cruiser or escort frigate could have easily destroyed the vessel.[1]

Commanders and crew[]

Crewed by some of the less-skilled members of the organization—Miktiss regularly assigned his best pirates to the three Skipray Blastboats that would see actual combat—the vessel was known for its loose discipline. However, during combat situations, the personnel stationed on board were capable of performing like a military crew.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

An Action IV transport, of the same class as the Raider

The Asagov Raider's only appearance has been in The DarkStryder Campaign, a supplement for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game published by West End Games in 1995, where it is described as the flagship and command base of the Des'maric Pirates. The vessel is never encountered in any of the adventures, being detailed only in the "Rogues Gallery" section of the book, written by Bill Smith. The inclusion of the vessel is to allow the gamemaster to use it in an original adventure.

Under its original name, "Cekbar Servant," the vessel appears to be named for the continent of Cekbar on the planet Celanon. When it was renamed by Miktiss, the vessel appears to have taken its name from the city of Asagov, a settlement on the Saurton homeworld of Essowyn.[3]


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