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Asation was the major port world of the Gree Enclave and was home to the Crafter caste of the Gree.


Travel around the Gree Enclave started at this world through the starship known as the Rokak'k Baran. It was a wet high pressure world covered with slimy wetlands. It is believed that the Gree themselves terraformed the planet long ago by introducing genetically altered lifeforms to populate its surface. Those Gree born on this world tended to be shorter than those born on Gree itself. The average day lasted 18 standard hours and a year on Asation encompassed 380 local days.


"The planet's been overrun by nasty things I don't even have a name for. They're all coming out of this portal the Gree call a hypergate."
Major Cobus[4]

At some point during the Galactic War, the Dread Masters activated a Gree hypergate and released a creature known as the Terror From Beyond.[4]

During the Separatist Crisis, Count Dooku was spotted on this planet.[3]

During the Imperial Period, Consul-General Skalus officially ruled the Gree Enclave from Asation but in practice the Empire let the Gree rule their worlds. A sole Carrack-class cruiser orbited Asation to give impression of an Imperial presence.[1]



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