"Hey—credit where it's due, Asera. The people listened to you, not some shiny walkin' stick."

Asera was a Rekk female who was the chancellor of her species. She was imprisoned by the Galactic Empire, and Jaxxon was hired to free her. However, the smuggler was also caught and imprisoned, but was rescued when Lando Calrissian picked up Jaxxon's distress signal. The two freed Asera, who informed them that her species had no motivation to fight back without the sacred Totem of Saglanost, which the Empire had taken to be stored in the Palpatine Archive. After returning to the New Republic, Calrissian, Jaxxon and Asera discovered the location of the totem, infiltrating the Palpatine Archive to steal it back. With the totem returned, the Rekk fought against the Empire, and managed to drive them from Rekkana.[1]

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