"Ash was roguish, charming, and kind, and now he was dead."
―Vydel Dir'Nul[src]

Ash B'risko was a Human male freighter pilot.


Ash B'risko2

Ash B'risko killed by Kardem

Around the time of the Clone Wars, Ash met Jedi Knight Vydel Dir'Nul when she was on a bodyguard assignment for the Jedi Council. She fell in love with him; however, when she saw him flirting with a Twi'lek slave girl, Dir'Nul became the Dark Jedi Kardem and killed them both.

Behind the scenesEdit

"In the foreground, we can see Vydel talking with a rugged handsome pilot named ASH B'RISKO as he is loading some gear into the cargo hatch of his ship. He looks like Bruce Campbell, but with a scar running down the side of his face, starting at the outside corner of his left eye."
―Script for Dark Journey[src]

Ash B'risko and the actor upon whom his likeness was based.

Ash B'risko shares parts of his name with two characters played by Bruce Campbell, the protagonist Ashley J. "Ash" Williams from the Evil Dead film series, and the title character Brisco County, Jr. from the television series The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. This was a deliberate reference to the actor, according to Jason Hall, writer of "Dark Journey."[1]

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