"This is Jedi Ash Jarvee. Fleet Comms says that they've now changed code keys and that comms are secure again. You can safely make contact."
"Thank you, I thought you'd be at Yarille by now."
"And we thought you needed a hand. Can we help in any way?"
―Ash Jarvee and Gilad Pellaeon[src]

Ash Jarvee was a female member of the Altisian Jedi, an unorthodox Jedi sect that was led by Jedi Master Djinn Altis. In 22 BBY, during the time of the Clone Wars, Jarvee and a number of other Altisian Jedi were dispatched aboard the freighter Wookiee Gunner on a mission to administer humanitarian aid on the war-ravaged world Yarille. En route, the Jedi detected a distress signal from the Republic Intelligence agent Hallena Devis, and a number of Jedi from Wookiee Gunner transferred to the Republic warship Leveler, to assist in the extraction of Devis from the planet JanFathal. Jarvee was left in command of Wookiee Gunner, and under her lead the freighter departed for Yarille. A short time later, the crew of Wookiee Gunner tracked Leveler to the Poressi system, and Jarvee boarded the warship along with a number of other Jedi, using the Force to remedy a problem with Leveler's navicomputer. She then traveled with Leveler to the Fath system, where the warship successfully extracted Devis and a Republic strike team from JanFathal. Afterward, Jarvee returned to Wookiee Gunner, and the freighter transported Jarvee and the other Altisian Jedi to Yarille.


"Jedi Jarvee, Propulsion—stand by to get us out of here as soon as the transport's inboard and the bay is secure."
―Gilad Pellaeon[src]

Gilad Pellaeon, the commander of the Republic warship Leveler

Ash Jarvee was a female member of the Jedi Order who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Within the Order, Jarvee became one of the Altisian Jedi, a rogue Jedi sect led by Jedi Master Djinn Altis that was considered by orthodox Jedi to be heretical. Altis taught Jarvee a number of Force techniques, and by the time of the Clone Wars—a conflict fought between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems—Jarvee was in her teens. The Altisian Jedi did not join the Grand Army of the Republic and assist the Republic war effort directly, as had the Jedi Order proper, and instead they unofficially helped the Republic by providing humanitarian relief to worlds affected by the war.[1] In 22 BBY,[2] a number of the Altisian Jedi were dispatched aboard the Vernal-class freighter Wookiee Gunner, on a mission to administer aid to the inhabitants of the war-ravaged world Yarille. Jarvee accompanied the mission, and she acted as a section commander among the crew of Wookiee Gunner. En route, Wookiee Gunner detected a distress signal that had been sent by the Republic Intelligence agent Hallena Devis from the planet JanFathal, and Altis contacted the nearest Republic warship,[1] the Acclamator-class assault ship[3] Leveler, to offer the assistance of his Jedi in extracting Devis. Gilad Pellaeon, the commander of Leveler, agreed to the Jedi Master's proposal, and Wookiee Gunner rendezvoused with Leveler. Altis and the Jedi Knights Callista Masana and Geith Eris transferred to the Republic ship, and in their absence Jarvee was left in command of Wookiee Gunner. The Jedi freighter then departed from the rendezvous point, to resume its course to Yarille.[1]

A short time afterward, Altis, Eris, Masana, and a Republic strike team landed on JanFathal to rescue Devis, while Leveler jumped into hyperspace to evade the Separatist destroyer Reaper. Leveler arrived in the Poressi system and became stranded as a result of technical problems relating to the ship's navigation computer. Wookiee Gunner tracked Leveler to the system and approached the Republic warship, and Jarvee contacted Pellaeon to offer him the help of Wookiee Gunner's remaining Jedi. Pellaeon informed her that Leveler's communications encryption had been breached, so Jarvee contacted the Republic's Naval Command and obtained a new set communications codes. She then re-opened communications with Pellaeon and volunteered the use of the Jedi's Force abilities, to influence the malfunctioning navicomputer.[1]

Pellaeon agreed to Jarvee's proposal, and she boarded Leveler with a delegation of Altisian Jedi. After speaking to Altis via a comlink, to inform him that she had made contact with Leveler, Jarvee explained to Pellaeon the details of how the Jedi planned to use an esoteric Force technique to influence the computer. Jarvee and the other Jedi then stood in a circle around the bridge with clasped hands, and they used the Force to influence the navicomputer into taking Leveler back to the Fath system. Altis, Devis, and the strike team landed on Leveler, and Pellaeon told Jarvee that he planned to mention her in dispatches, to commend her for aiding Leveler. Masana then merged her consciousness with the ship's computer system and used concussion missiles to destroy the Separatist fleet bearing down on Leveler, and Jarvee and the other Jedi subsequently used their powers to influence the navicomputer again, to help Leveler to leave the Fath system.[1]

Leveler dropped Jarvee and the other Altisian Jedi off at a shipyard on the planet Kemla, where Wookiee Gunner was to rendezvous with them. While they waited, Jarvee sat with Masana, and the pair discussed Masana's recent experiences in the Fath system. Wookiee Gunner eventually arrived and took Jarvee and the other Jedi to Yarille, landing in the planet's capital city, Yen Bachask. There, Altis assigned Jarvee, Masana, and Wookiee Gunner's other female section commanders to be the first group of Jedi to disembark from the freighter and make contact with the local population, because he believed that an all-female delegation would make the Jedi seem friendly. The party approached a nearby refugee camp, where they were greeted by a group of the world's inhabitants, who shook hands with Jarvee and her comrades.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Do you think that combat binds us tighter than everyday friendships because it's a defense mechanism? That we've evolved to stick together with the beings most likely to fight to defend us?"
"That's a very… machine-like view."
"You're laughing at me now."
"Not at all. But I'd rather think that we bond more strongly in adversity because we see others for what they really are—prepared to die to save us, rather than run away."
―Callista Masana and Ash Jarvee[src]

Ash Jarvee was excitable and became elated when the Jedi successfully used their Force powers to bring Leveler to the Fath system. However, she felt embarrassed when Gilad Pellaeon told her that he would mention her in dispatches. Jarvee believed that people bonded well when placed in difficult situations, because such circumstances allowed individuals to see what those around them truly were.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"Master Altis has taught us some useful Force techniques that he's discovered on his travels."
―Ash Jarvee[src]

Djinn Altis taught Ash Jarvee and the other Altisian Jedi a number of Force powers that he had learned while traveling the galaxy. One such power, which Jarvee used to help Leveler enter hyperspace, allowed a group of Jedi to influence the performance of a navicomputer, and the technique was considered to be a rare ability amongst the Jedi.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ash Jarvee was created by Karen Traviss, and she appeared in the 2009 novel The Clone Wars: No Prisoners.[1]


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