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"I am Asha; sister of Kneesaa; daughter of the great Chief Chirpa."

Asha was a female Ewok warrior, daughter of Chirpa (Chief of Bright Tree Village) and Ra-Lee, and older sister to Princess Kneesaa. Her defining visual feature was bright red fur, a very rare trait with her species.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Ewoks. We are Ewoks, remember?"
Princess Kneesaa and Asha[src]

When Asha was still a child, a hanadak attacked the Chirpa family. Asha's mother, Ra-Lee, died while trying to save her daughter. Asha disappeared during the confrontation, leaving behind only traces of fur and clothing. After an unsuccessful extended search of the area, her family gave her up for dead. Asha was named after a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology.[1]

Asha was found by a clan of korrinas, who accepted her and raised her as one of their own. Asha spent her early adulthood tracking down Dulok fur traders under the name the Red Ghost. Many years later, Wicket and his friends saw her and told Kneesaa, who began to cry. Wicket went to see Kneesaa, who was holding Asha's ripped hood. Wicket and Kneesaa went looking for Asha. They eventually found her, and together they stopped the dulok fur traders. Then Kneesaa took Asha back to Bright Tree Village.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"Had we done a third season, I'm sure we would have done a few more stories […] with Asha, Kneesaa's sister. We got many letters asking whatever happened to her. We did build her up as a major character and in the second season, we didn't do much with her."
Ewoks story editor Paul Dini in 1988[src]

Ra-Lee, Kneesaa and Asha.

Asha was created by Paul Dini for Ewoks,[2] where she was voiced by Paulina Gillis.

In Arabic, the name Asha means "decisive."

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Asha reunited with her sister, Kneesaa.

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