Asharl panthers were a non-sentient feline species found on numerous worlds in the Outer Rim and Unknown Regions. Pack animals, they formed small family groups and hunted in pairs or groups of four.

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Feline quadrapeds, the asharl panther was a large and aggressive predator found on the remote ice planet Ilum. Growing to be between two and three meters in length, the asharl had two toes on each foot tipped with non-retractable claws. To maintain body heat on the harsh planet of Ilum, asharl had evolved white, gray, and blue fur which was incredibly dense, yet smooth, across their entire bodies. Their heads were broad an they lacked ears, while their beady eyes were located beneath pronounced brow ridges. Expressive, the asharl's snout was blunt and their hall filled with large exposed teeth. Large, tentacle-like sensory organs grew from their shoulders, one on each side.[2] Thick nerve bundles ran up the fronds from which the panthers could pick up the vibrations that came from behind, preventing any threat from catching the asharl unawares.

Asharl panthers in cultureEdit

A popular game animal on planets beyond Ilum, the asharl were prized for their pelts and fronds by poachers who sought to sell them on the black market. The asharl panther was adopted as a mascot of the Mandalorian Clan Rodarch. Its members trained to fight alongside the animals, and painted their armor to match the panthers' pelts. The Rodarch clan completely embraced the essence of these animals, making its members look like fearless beasts who were always aware of their surrounding.[1]



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