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Ashas Ree was a forested planet located in the Outer Rim Territories. Its sole inhabited trading outpost was situated next to a Jedi temple that had been built to seal the power of a Sith temple beneath it. During the war between the First Order and the Resistance, traveller Mika Grey came to Ashas Ree seeking a relic hidden in the Sith temple, intending to keep it out of the First Order's hands, but became trapped inside the temple as a result until being released by Colossus resistance members Kazuda Xiono, CB-23, Eila and Kel two days later.


Ashas Ree was covered in forests, with the planet appearing green from space. Known fauna included the parvinoths, a species of bioluminescent insects, which were seen flying around the trading outpost.[2]


Ashas Ree had an ancient and dark history,[4] having once been ruled by the Sith.[3] Long before the First Order–Resistance war, they built a temple on Ashas Ree. At the heart of the temple was left a relic that could be used as a source of considerable power. The relic was guarded by a series of traps which made traversing the temple a dangerous prospect. Eventually, the Jedi buried the Sith temple and constructed a temple of their own, the Temple of the Force, atop it to seal its dark power. The temple eventually fell into disuse by the Jedi, and consequently also fell into a state of disrepair.[2]

By the time of the cold war between the First Order and Resistance, Ashas Ree hosted a remote trading outpost adjacent to the Jedi temple, the only civilization on the entire planet. Mika Grey, a traveller searching for Sith artifacts to keep them out of the First Order's hands, came to the outpost in search of the relic hidden in the Sith temple, and managed to excavate the structure, causing it to rise from underground for the first time in a long time. The outpost's residents, aware of legends about the buried evil, fled, leaving behind written warnings in the village advising any visitors to flee. When Grey found the artifact, however, she became trapped in an underground chamber when she touched it and accidentally triggered a trapdoor.[2]

Two days afterwards, the Colossus, a mobile supertanker fuel depot fleeing the First Order, passed by Ashas Ree. In need of supplies, Captain Imanuel Doza dispatched Ace Squadron members Freya Fenris, Torra Doza and Kazuda Xiono, along with their astromech droids, down to the trading outpost. Kel and Eila, two child survivors of a First Order atrocity, persuaded Xiono to sneak them along in his shuttle as they were tired of being cooped up on the station. Upon landing and discovering the outpost to be deserted, Fenris ordered the pilots to split up and begin collecting supplies. However, Xiono wound up distracted trying to prevent Kel and Eila from exploring, and the two found their way to the Jedi and Sith temples, where the children, Xiono and droid CB-23 heard Grey's cries for help from inside.[2]

Descending into the Sith temple, Xiono and the children were quickly separated by a door triggered by one of the booby traps. As Kel and Eila became lost in the corridors, CB-23 led Xiono to the central chamber containing the relic. Xiono, dazed after being shocked by another pressure plate trap, ignored Grey's warnings and touched the relic, becoming trapped with her. He ordered CB-23 to find the children, after which Grey questioned him as to whether he worked for the First Order. Kel and Eila arrived in the central chamber in time to save Grey and Xiono after the latter accidentally activated another trap that caused the lower chamber to become a centrifuge with a gear mechanism that nearly killed them. After being released, Grey carefully retrieved the relic, but then had to hurriedly flee the temple with the others after Xiono accidentally pressed a Sith glyph that caused the structure to collapse.[2]

In the outpost, Fenris, Torra and their droids had finished loading supplies into the shuttle when they realized other ships were approaching. The ships belonged to the squad of First Order Raiders led by Agent Raith, which had been tracking Grey and the artifact she sought for some time. When Xiono, Grey, CB-23 and the children emerged from the temple, they saw the enemies. Grey attempted to lead the others to her ship, but it was blown up by Raider troopers. She managed to slip away as Xiono, CB-23 and the children were caught and rounded up with the others, before revealing herself and saving the others by activating the relic, which the Raiders attempted to deactivate as their erstwhile prisoners fled. The activation of the relic killed the Raiders and drained its power, rendering it worthless. Having lost her transportation, Grey accepted an offer to come to the Colossus.[2]


Ashas Ree was sparsely populated, with the trading outpost being its only population centre. The entire population of the outpost fled after Grey raised the Sith temple, frightened of its dark power. The inhabitants used Futhork,[2] a writing system that had originated on Naboo.[5]


The trading outpost was the only populated place on Ashas Ree. It was situated right next to the Jedi temple that had been built to seal off the ancient Sith temple. Although the Jedi temple was known to the residents of the outpost, the Sith temple was the subject of dark legends, so when it was raised by Mika Grey, the outpost's inhabitants fled.[2]

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Ashas Ree made its canonical debut in "The Relic Raiders", episode 7 of season 2 of the animated series Star Wars Resistance.[2] It first appeared in the Legends sourcebook Tales of the Jedi Companion, as one of the worlds of the ancient Sith Empire.[3]



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