The Ashern (Vratix for "Black Claw") were members of the Vratix race who had become disenchanted with the Human control of the bacta cartels on Thyferra. To fight against them, they resorted to drastic acts such as terrorism (uncommon for such a peaceful race) and even underwent modifications such as sharpening their claws and painting their carapaces black.


In 32 BBY the Ashern decided to give out information showing that the Xucphra Corporation augmented the prices of bacta during the Stark Hyperspace War by sabotaging production, and this ceded governmental control of the planet to the Vratix, leaving to the Thriving Season.[1]

Through Qlaern Hirf, the Ashern approached Wedge Antilles and declared their intentions to join the New Republic. Other Ashern assisted Iella Wessiri, Elscol Loro and Sixtus Quin in their undercover attempts to overthrow Ysanne Isard. A group of Ashern commandos fought against Isard's regime, taking part in successful operations against Aerin Dlarit in his estate and the assault on the Xucphra Corporate Headquarters.



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